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Pollicastro Boutique Hotel (Lecce, Italy)

30 April 2023

Immersed in history, cherished by Vimar technology


The cultural hub of the Italian Salento area, Lecce is one of the most beautiful cities of art in Italy, so much so that it deserves the nickname “Florence of the South”. A real open-air museum that knows how to amaze and fascinate tourists and visitors. And it is right in the heart of the historic centre that you will find Pollicastro Boutique Hotel, a historic residence located in a sixteenth-century building on the road from Porta San Biagio to Piazza Sant’Oronzo, the city patron saint.

The decision to create a boutique hotel was suggested by the antiquity of the building itself, also leading to the choice of the Vimar Well-contact Plus system for hotel automation. Based on KNX standards, non-invasive in the installation, it respects the constraints of the Fine Arts safeguarding the structure and offers the Hotel guests a comfortable stay. Check-in and check-out, signalling of presence in the room, technical or emergency alarm indicating any faults in electrical devices or requests for intervention by the customer, status of lights and temperature: everything can be programmed and supervised from a single point at the reception. Intelligent technology simplifies the staff work and offers the guests a comfortable stay.

Although very different, the rooms have as a common denominator the elegance granted by quite an elegant furniture, decoration choices and the comfort that is the common thread of the entire structure. Wrapped in a honeyed light blending with the light of the Lecce stone coming from the street, some rooms have been set up inside the two ancient “suppinne”, once the service laundry rooms. There, the Vimar devices precisely control and manage lighting and electricity, ensuring functionality and comfort.

Stylish electronic touch thermostats allow the guests to reach the desired temperature in the room; the wide range of sockets responds to every kind of functional need, while the USB sockets grant the fast recharge of even the most powerful devices. Outside of each room, there are transponder card readers chosen from the exclusive and imperceptible Eikon Tactil lines in diamond white crystal. Thanks to the intuitive backlit LED symbols, the customer can signal that he does not want to be disturbed or, on the contrary, asks for the room to be rearranged. And finally, at the top of the building, the large terrace is equipped with protected sockets with IP 55 watertight hood to ensure total safety of connections even outside.



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