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Pro Line by Sige, linearity of shapes meets ergonomics of space

24 June 2022

The secret of a kitchen often lies in what it is not seen from the outside, in the details that make it unique and suited to the needs of those who live it.

The components of Sige’s Pro Line are elegant and minimal design creations, in which the linearity and ergonomic of the shapes reflect the perfect balance between aesthetic and rationality, even in the smallest spaces. That is the case of the 255 Pro equipped larder, with total extraction, perfectly adjustable to the cabinet’s dimensions and capable of carrying up to 120 Kg. Made of painted metal sheet, the column its available in three finishes: white, Orion and black. The black finish, which is presented here for the first time, expresses the ideal combination of a design that is both minimalist and elegant at the same time.

The attention to detail which characterizes even the small plastic elements that complete the column allows us to respond to every customer’s need and to guarantee a personal touch to every system. The larder can also be complemented by a practical non-slip mat that makes the sliding system even easier and safer.

For more than 50 years, Sige Spa has been developing and proposing design solutions for furniture. The constant desire to innovate and reinvent has led it over time to become an international leader in the sector of furnishing accessories, while maintaining the typical Made in Italy quality. The products of the Pro Line are the result of a continuous search for an improving balance between design, resistance and versatility.

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