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Puricelli decorative surfaces

19 January 2022

The wonders of MOREMATT


Considering aesthetic innovation, the Puricelli Group – a main player of the sector of decorative surfaces and coating – introduces to the market the MOREMATT collection, a range of products designed to be the ultimate anti-fingerprint material with a matt finish. The collection is divided into two categories MOREMATT GHOST and MOREMATT HR (HIGH RESISTANCE), with high-level performance for horizontal and vertical applications.

The MOREMATT collection is realized with a new pioneering acrylic-based polymer which is hardened with an electron beam process in which the resin used for the solidification needs an electron bombardment. It is a very special technology which provides both aesthetic features (anti-fingerprint, anti-reflection and super opacity) and high level surface resistance compared to the typical product in terms of scratch-resistant, anti-abrasion performances, heat resistance and antibacterial performance, that make it also suitable for the contact with food. Available in different formats, also post-formable, suitable both for vertical and horizontal applications, MOREMATT GHOST, resulting from a one-year search, can guarantee incomparable performances with a transparent surface (ghost) to any kind of decorative surfaces of the Group’s collection.

MOREMATT is included in a collection of surfaces reinterpreted following the latest color trends but it can also be personalized according to customer needs, so the product is versatile and easy to use for architects, designers and developers of the contract world. Besides the phenol-free and antibacterial properties of the laminate, the product is characterized by high decorative and performance standards combined with the pleasant tactile feeling of surfaces and extreme ease to maintenance.

This material passes all the quick and total cleaning tests against a wide range of common stains with no trace of the product used. Most importantly, MOREMATT is scratch-resistant and, compared to other materials on the market, can resist to scratch with a weight force of 70-75 kg. Possible micro-scratches can be easily removed with a melamine sponge. These surfaces are very popular in the high-end kitchen industry and they perform greatly compared also to quartz and marble materials which could be hard to process and involve heavy loads in handling.



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