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PVD FINISHES for Design and Decoration

7 April 2022

Beauty and performance. Down to the micron 


Physical Vapor Deposition meets design. In 2021, ODL has officially launched a new line of creative finishes for the design world. Customizable decorative coatings produced with PVD technology. A perfect bond between beauty and high-tech performance. Increasingly, PVD is used as a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to the traditional paint and galvanic finishes. Not only is PVD more sustainable from an environmental point of view, but also from an innovation and competitiveness perspective.

The advantages of PVD Coatings are: a wide color palette having superior shine compared to the effects obtained with galvanic paints on the market; excellent chromatic stability, abrasion resistance and durability; no alteration of the substrate’s texture nor its disposal implications; treatments possibility on a wide range of materials and shapes; variety of applications in many sectors; combination of decor and high-tech performance; compatibility with other technologies, as capacity sensing, GPS, cellphone waves, etc. Last, but not least, high precision and fast execution time at a competitive price.

By radiation interference, ODL can create virtually infinite color finishes, customized colors, metallization, translucency, iridescent shaded effect, treating different materials: glass, metal, polymer, textile and other upon request.

The PVD technology allows the treatment of different shapes and sizes, as 3D objects and components, flat or curved, rigid or flexible surfaces.

The applications fields can be found in Lighting Design, Decorative Objects, Fashion Accessories, Electronics & Telephony, Sport Equipment, Medical and Surgical Equipment, Automotive Components, Cosmetic Packaging and Optics.

PVD technology is certified for providing sustainable coatings meeting environmental regulations, and for being the hexavalent chromium CrVI-free green alternative to the galvanic chrome electroplating processes.


The customization possibilities are extremely wide and in constant development.

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