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Quality, design and innovation: Ekotech’s separate waste collection systems

7 May 2023

Sustainable growth to keep up with the times


Founded in 2009 to take over the business of MGL, the historic pioneering brand of removable kitchen bins, Ekotech is constantly growing and can now count on customers on all five continents, remaining proudly Italian and European.

Thanks to a complete range of separate waste collection systems and kitchen accessories always characterized by innovation and design, Ekotech products can satisfy the most diverse needs in terms of space and style in today’s kitchens. Products last over time because of their high quality and the search for cutting-edge solutions.

An example of rationality, style and quality is the Jazz and Free Jazz range, separate waste collection systems combining design with modularity to perfectly fit in any space, as it was a ‘magical Tetris’. From cabinets measuring 30 cm up to 120, with doors and drawers, with containers ranging in height from 23 cm to 55 (for under sinks or dedicated cabinets), each space has its specific, modern and innovative system.

But the Jazz family is just one example. The broad catalogue of offered products aims to satisfy every need. It is possible to choose between different models with front extraction equipped with soft closing guides for a practical cushioned closure and the possibility of total extraction. Or even more compact systems designed for smaller cabinets and under the sink that combine a high quality-price ratio with quick installation and product durability. All without forgetting a design characterized by the best materials, from thermoplastics to stainless steel.

Research, innovation, and ecology. That is why – already 2018 – Ekotech has been a pioneer in environmental care. The company began to research the sustainability of its products and production processes to contribute to safeguarding the planet. Investments in the studies on materials and specific production equipment, supported by the laboratories and by the know-how of Eurotecnica, a company at the forefront of technopolymers transformation process technology, have allowed Ekotech to introduce the first range of products as early as 2021 green, products with 100% recycled materials.

Research continues to expand the green family. But, to date, the company has mainly focused on the design and production of waste bins for separate waste collection. Ekotech is not only this. Designing new accessories capable of reinventing spaces and increasing comfort in everyday kitchen life is the Mission that Ekotech has always pursued with professionalism, experience and passion.


An overview of Ekotech components for the kitchen to living in a sustainable way?

At the Interzum fair, from 9 to 12 May 2023, in Cologne.

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