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REFOND: the best lighting to each idea

11 July 2023

When starting a project and studying its individual parts, each component is essential and the analysis of each Datasheet is essential


Words are important. In Chinese, Refond sounds like a good omen and means “good luck and good harvest“. A probable unexpected meaning, apparently distant from a technological and innovative view, but is it really like that?

Technology and innovation without commitment have no future. Refond is aware of this and for this reason it has been investing in production, research and technological development for more than twenty years. Cutting-edge technology and the differentiation of its products are the heart of the service it offers. Attentive to present developments, Refond presents a complete range of LEDs that covers all the needs of the market in its many facets: interior and design lighting, public and industrial lighting, horticulture, automotive, wellness, medical, ultraviolet, infrared.

LEDs are sorted in Step MacAdam Bin Vf, Flux Bin, CCT. The integrated IPSL (antisulphide) technology ensures a long life in the most hostile environments. Among the most recent products there are MiniLEDs, MiniLED Displays, optocouplers, Flexible StripLEDs and LightPapers. Refond stands out for its continuous growth. The expansion of production, the opening of a new factory and new management center, together with research into the development of Mini and Micro LED technology and optical sensors are the indicators of a concrete commitment for the future of the industry.


2835: a choice and its reason

2835, considered by many to be the medium-power “LED” par excellence, is one of the flagship formats in Refond’s production. Its variants and applications are many: General Lighting, horticulture, decorative lighting, User Interface, etc. Very efficient, 220 l/W, Tunable White, dimmable, with Toyoda Gosei certificate thanks to IPSL technology it is also suitable for the harshest environments.

CCT 1800 ~ 6500° K, 3 Step MacAdam, ≥ CRI 95, make this product suitable for hospitals/healthcare and kindergartens. Refond presents a range of products for public lighting with 10 internal chips, 5050 and 7070, CRI 70 ~ 80, which make it possible to obtain very high efficiency, as well as increase yield and life. All LEDs are with integrated IPSL technology.


Refond Italy: dialogue and transparency

Refond Italy was born in Turin in 2019 with the aim of giving greater and quality support to Italian companies. His mission? Supporting the customer step-by-step, from the idea to the project, offering a respectful and transparent collaboration. In order to give answers and targeted solutions, dialogue between the sales, product and research teams is essential. The a priori solution never exists. Each application has its needs, each project its product. Turning to specialized personnel means relying on a professional who is able to translate one’s objectives into light.

Innovation and development are the foundations of Refond and its technological research, but they are not everything. In reality, what matters are relationships and the awareness that projects must be based on dialogue. Technological research must be proportional to teamwork.

For Refond, “good luck and a good harvest” are not just words of good omen, but circumstances that can arise if the goal is not lost: innovation as a possibility for development and social well-being.


Fig. 1

COB LED STRIP: CCT 2.700 ~ 6.500, CRI 90, IP 65, uniform brightness, max thickness 2 mm, tunable white and dimmable


Fig. 2

LED 5050 7070 10 Internal chip


Fig. 3

LED 2835: 220 l/W, Tunable White, dimmable, CRI 95


Fig. 4

Natural light for greenhouse crops



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