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REHAU Furniture Solutions: the expertise of an international player for outstanding furniture design

15 March 2023

For more than 50 years, REHAU Furniture Solutions, a division of the leading international polymer processing Group, is committed to the design, development, and production of components for the furniture industry with a single objective: Enabling Exceptional Design. The offer of innovative solutions, suitable in a variety of contexts and capable of meeting the specific requirements of all manufacturing realities, has evolved over the years to include, today, a wide range of edgeband solutions, surfaces, tambour doors and other components that enable interior design without setting limits on creativity.


From small to big projects, always the perfect design match

Whether it is furniture for shops, offices, public or domestic environments, REHAU solutions are designed to bring the highest levels of aesthetic and functional quality to every project through the perfect combination of RAUKANTEX edgeband solutions, RAUVISIO surfaces, RAUVOLET tambour doors and finishing elements such as splashbacks. The ability to interpret and anticipate future trends, combined with the continuous quest for innovation in the development of perfectly coordinated and environmentally friendly design solutions, makes REHAU the ideal reference partner for designers, architects, carpenters, and all professionals who are looking towards modern and more conscious furniture design.


RAUKANTEX edgebands: innovative solutions for every requirement

With more than 2,000 decors in over 200,000 variants, three different edging solutions and the perfect combination with RAUVISIO surfaces, RAUKANTEX edgebands make it possible to meet any aesthetic and functional requirements with several processing advantages. Aiming at creating the perfect match between the edge and the panel, REHAU edgebands are compatible with various edging technologies and range from the classic solution with primer, RAUKANTEX pure, to those with zero joint effect: RAUKANTEX plus, featuring a functional layer made of TPU, and RAUKANTEX pro, with a functional layer made of 100 % polymer material, which can be processed with laser, hot-air, plasma and NIR infrared. A wide and comprehensive range, in which it’s always possible to find the solution that meets even the needs of tailor-made projects.


RAUVISIO surfaces: a new dimension in furniture design

Based on innovative materials that combine functionality, durability, and processing flexibility, the RAUVISIO surfaces program has brought a new dimension in furniture design. They can be used vertically or horizontally to create worktops and furniture fronts for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, offices, restaurants, or shops. REHAU surfaces are available in the timeless classics of interior design and in accordance with the latest trends, allowing playing with different levels of gloss, depth effects and an incredible variety of colour solutions, to create a unique and creative furniture design.


RAUVOLET tambour doors: design and functionality at the highest level

The emblem of a new generation of space-saving accessories, RAUVOLET tambour doors offer unlimited creative options that harmonise with the unique RAUVISIO surfaces design, while ensuring a smooth and quiet operation. Thanks to the modularity of the REHAU system and the availability in different materials, mechanisms, surfaces and colours, the possibilities for fitting out and customising spaces are further extended to connotate interiors spaces with a monolithic design.


An international player at the side of local manufacturers

Besides the continuous product development, REHAU Furniture Solution division also offers services and tools to simplify the daily work of furniture manufacturers: from the supply of samples to the possibility of ordering quickly and in small quantities – even a single component – from the practical online research tool for matching edgebands and panels to the #edgeisdigital service, which promotes digitisation and a faster processing of materials, reducing the error rate to a minimum. As a global family company, REHAU operates with the reliability and experience of an international player, offering its partners design-oriented solutions and tailor-made services, or in other words, “Enabling Exceptional Design”.

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