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RespiGard™ the waterproof and breathable membrane was presented at Materially’s Wonder Matter(s) exhibition

15 September 2023

Asahi Kasei, a Japanese multinational presented RespiGard™ by Polypore, a waterproof and breathable membrane in polypropylene with applications in outdoor furniture but also in technical sportswear on the occasion of the Fuorisalone (Milan Design Week)


RespiGard™ was present in the Wonder Matter(s) exhibition by Materially which proposes a point of view on materials starting from the concept of wonder explored in various fields: education, creativity and industry.


The production process and the components of RespiGard™ are patented

The high porosity of the membrane allows for airflow and moisture evaporation, while the smooth and uniform pores are too small for water droplets to penetrate. RespiGard™ is naturally hyudrophobic, has a smooth and uniform surface and is also light due to its high porosity. Produced with a solvent-free manufacturing process, it has obtained the OEKO TEX® STANDARD 100 certification. The base is in polypropylene, therefore recyclable and free of perfluorocarbons (PFOA or PFOS). Applications range from furniture to clothing. RespiGard™ can be coupled to the fabric, making it waterproof and therefore usable, for example, in outdoor furniture or in outdoor covers and curtains. When coupled with polypropylene fabrics and accessories, it is recyclable as they are mono-material textile solutions.

Polypore, a company of the Asahi Kasei group, which produces RespiGard™ and holds the patent, is specialized in the research and design of microporous membranes for various applications.

Polypore has thus developed a production process for the creation of a material with high waterproof and breathable qualities. Textile manufacturers, designers and furniture companies can take advantage of this high performances waterproof and breathable solution for their products and projects. In 2022, on the occasion of its 100th anniversary, Asahi Kasei presented the RespiGard™ membrane for the first time to the world of sportswear and fabrics at the ISPO fair in Munich. The Asahi Kasei Group contributes to the lives and well-being of people around the world. Since its establishment in 1922 with activities related to the production of ammonia and cellulose fibers, Asahi Kasei has grown steadily through the proactive transformation of its portfolio in accordance with the evolution of time.

With more than 46,000 employees internationally, the company contributes to a sustainable society by providing solutions to today’s challenges with its three business segments: Materials, Home and Health. The Materials sector, composed of Environmental Solutions, Mobility and Industry and Innovation, includes a wide range of products: from battery separators to biodegradable fabrics, from engineering plastics to acoustic solutions.


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RespiGard™ by Polypore, part of Asahi Kasei Group Company

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