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Right light at the right time

16 March 2021

Ledvance presents BIOLUX®


Artificial light has revolutionized our lives. We can work anywhere at any time – and of course that has made us more productive. But does it also make us healthier? For a healthy, efficient rhythm of life, we need natural changes in daylight. Working indoors in poor light makes us tired, depressed and listless. Offices with little daylight, dark meeting rooms and artificial light until late at night – in our modern society, we are moving further and further away from our natural environment. Daylight is one of the most important sources of energy for our biological rhythm. A lack of daylight can cause serious disruption to our day/ night rhythm (our “inner clock”), and massive degradation in our performance and overall well-being.


Human centric lighting the focus on people in lighting design

Lighting solutions for modern work environments must be designed to promote creative thinking and high levels of concentration at desks, on computers and in factories. Human centric lighting (HCL) places the focus on people and their need for natural light. Flexible, healthy and effective. With the right light at the right time, HCL creates a working environment that simulates the changes in natural daylight with its visual, biological and emotional effects. To achieve this, the luminaires are controlled by an intelligent control system with appropriate light profiles. Through color temperatures and illuminance levels, human centric lighting (HCL) can simulate the course of natural daylight in such a way that it provides positive support for the human circadian rhythm (our “inner clock”). A neutral or cold white light color, for example, can energize in the morning. Warm white light is relaxing and ideal for the evening. HCL supports health, well-being and performance.


BIOLUX. – The smart entry-level HCL system

Installation – fast and easy thanks to wireless technology

  • No control cables required for luminaires
  • The control unit only needs to be connected to the power supply
  • The HCL luminaires communicate wirelessly via ZigBee


Setup – easy via a smartphone app

  • Luminaires are registered and added to the system using a smartphone to scan a QR code
  • No programming required
  • Location and time automatically detected via the app


Operation – intuitive via the control unit

  • Preprogrammed lighting profiles can be selected via a rotary switch on the control unit
  • Lighting profiles adjusted automatically to your location and local time
  • No programming


Function – independent of any light management systems (LMS) or cloud

  • Autonomous system
  • No complicated integration in an existing LMS
  • No data storage, internet connection or cloud functions – privacy is protected


HCL Ledvance

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