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SapienStone brings a revolution in ceramics, setting new aesthetic and emotional standards

9 June 2023

SapienStone presents a major evolution in matter, which introduces a new take on ceramics. The brand, which is part of Iris Ceramica Group, once again demonstrates a strong focus on design in the manufacture of large format ceramics, and that it has made significant technological progress, striking the perfect balance between aesthetics, design, emotion, and technical ceramics (porcelain stoneware) performance. This project was born out of a specific entrepreneurial vision, which has opened up a new dimension for matter: the fourth dimension (4D), where the three “spatial” dimensions are combined with the fourth dimension, i.e. sustainable technology, which creates a living material that embodies the Group’s core values. This is all complemented by a larger format (160x320cm) and a new tactile surface.


A new dimension of ceramics: 4D

The research into technological innovation conducted by Iris Ceramica Group, which SapienStone is part of, has taken a new step forward in re-engineering ceramics, evolving this material even further, which is something that has never been done before. The full-body technology by Iris Ceramica Group has been perfected to the point that is now possible to create a technologically sophisticated surface that is unmatched in the market. Iris Ceramica Group has taken ceramics to a whole new dimension: 4D. As in nature, 4D ceramic surfaces are born through stratification and become granitic. As solid as rock, made up of natural minerals, all its history and the elements that create life – water, fire and earth – are encompassed in a 12 and 20 mm thick panel. A living surface is born, which is made of the same substance as the Universe. This surface has a soul of its own, and it is the same sustainable soul that distinguishes Iris Ceramica Group: the fourth dimension are the values of the Group, which are ingrained in the body of matter. Visually speaking, the result is a ceramic surface that looks exactly the same throughout, on both the surface and its thickness. This is achieved by recreating natural veining, shades of color, geometric designs or patterns, thus completely blurring the boundary between a surface and its edge.


New perspectives for interior design projects

SapienStone is one of the brands of Iris Ceramica Group, specializing in the application of ceramic surfaces as a design element. With Ceramica 4D, it has pioneered a new way of narrating interior design, which allows it to perfectly illustrate the expressive potential of the new dimension of ceramic surfaces. In fact, 4D Ceramics opens up new aesthetic potential for matter, offering new perspectives when it comes to using and manufacturing countertops for interior design projects. The 4D Ceramic panel becomes part of a new architectural language, and the beauty and complexity of the material is reflected in its thickness. The simple fact of being able to rely on surfaces that perfectly reflect the appeal of 4D Ceramics in 12 mm and 20 mm thicknesses is what makes SapienStone the Group’s ambassador of technological innovation, which is translated into tangible solutions that inspire designers to create countertops for the furniture and kitchen industry, such as tables, worktops, shelves, and furnishing accessories. Research into aesthetics and experimenting with the expressive power of matter is what makes the SapienStone range of products truly one of a kind, giving shape to furnishing solutions that combine aesthetics, functionality, and emotion.


New format: 160×320 cm

At SapienStone, the large format gets even bigger; a new format is born: 160 x 320 cm. Large format ceramics has become an important part of interior design projects, and by creating this new format, the brand is able to reduce waste during the processing phase. The fact of having a 160 cm width allows two perfect tops of 80 cm each to be obtained, which meet standard table or kitchen island measurements. Aesthetically speaking, the number of joints can also be reduced, which gives the large panel a more monolithic look.


Cashmere finish: emotional perceptions

Emotions are stirred through the aesthetic experience offered by SapienStone’s new Cashmere finish. A velvety smooth, soft surface that displays the natural esprit couture of technical ceramic surfaces. A refined, sophisticated elegance that is impossible to describe, but must simply be “touched”. SapienStone relies on a cutting-edge production process to achieve the Cashmere finish, which enhances the outstanding technical and aesthetic performance of ceramics. This dedication has made it possible to combine beauty with superior quality and a powerful material. The Cashmere finish enhances its emotional appeal, for cozy living comfort.


SapienStone is a brand of Iris Ceramica Group specializing in kitchen tops, countertops, shelves, and tables made of porcelain stoneware. It is a material that not only has an undisputed aesthetic appeal, but also offers excellent technical performance. In fact, it is easy to clean, resistant to temperature changes, immune to scratches, and is not affected by acidic or corrosive products used for regular maintenance or cooking. It also does not change color when exposed to UV light and does not stain.

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