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Seoul Semiconductor seeks greater market share in high-power LED market

29 October 2021

Valued at USD 2 Billion with Innovative WICOP LED Technology


Seoul Semiconductor, a leading global innovator of LED products and technology, announced that it has introduced high-power LED package ‘Z5M4’ with WICOP technology, one of the second-generation technologies in the LED industry. Z5M4 is 10% brighter than the conventional products and is easy to replace the existing high-power products.

Accordingly, Seoul Semiconductor seeks to expand its market share in the USD 2 billion worth of global high-power LED market for street lighting, bay-lighting, and horticulture lighting, which has been formed by vertical chip manufacturers. Z5M4 LED with WICOP technology is designed to be 1:1 compatible easily with existing high-power products, and its excellent heat dissipation structure makes it a high-power LED package suitable for high-brightness and high-efficiency. It offers an industry-leading high luminous efficiency of 175 lm/W and can be used for up to 100,000 hours. Seoul Semiconductor has been leading the global market with its core patented technology, which obtained a permanent injunction against Philips TV product and 13 automotive lighting brand LED products infringing WICOP patents in 2019 and 2021.

Seoul Semiconductor’s Z5M4 LED for high-power lighting will quickly encroach the USD 2 billion market dominated by vertical technology companies. We plan to apply this product not only to the high-power lightings, but also to the electronic device flash and automotive lightings, followed by SunLike LED, a natural sunlight spectrum LED technology” said an official of Seoul Semiconductor.

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