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Silicone: sustainability & durability

24 January 2023

Antonangeli offers unique and innovative lighting tools


Researching and investigating the “materials” is Antonangeli’s will, that comes from the desire to offer unique and innovative lighting tools. Research becomes discovery and then evolution, for a sustainable and lasting use of each element chosen compared to project expectations: as in the case of silicone, an investigation started in 2010…


Resistance and ductility

Silicone is an elastic, ductile, highly performing material, which belongs to the category of elastomers. Resistant to cold, up to 40 degrees, and heat, up to +200 degrees, It maintains its properties and characteristics unalterated over time.


Uniqueness and interpretation

Starting from 2012, all Antonangeli collections which have silicone as the protagonist, from ARCHETTO to ROBIN HOOD, are original luminous variations. They are slight lighting elements, integrable with each other, able to offer designers and users, unique design and application opportunities, studied in detail and technically flawless.


Designed by Gianfranco Marabese

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