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Simone Micheli for LYXO

3 September 2020

Beyond a furnishing, an example of style. Beyond a working method, an efficiency model. Beyond a completed project, a satisfied customer. Shapes, colors and attention to detail decorate and embellish spaces with corner of plastic beauty.


Simplicity becomes matter and is shaped by the new objects characterized by curve, round, sensual, essential shapes – Simone Micheli’s hallmark. The capsule collection designed by Simone Micheli for Lyxo include a set for the garden consisting of sofa, armchair, pouf and coffee table, two divider, a relax bed, table and chairs and two benches. Products conceived to find their space in both outdoor and indoor architectural systems. Conceived with the desire to make them adventure companions for a thousand possible experiences. Conceived to become icons with a strong communicative meaning.



LYXO is the new project born in Veca in 2016, an international made in Italy brand that has been transforming plastic into functional design for almost 30 years.

Bruno Vallarsa, CEO of Veca, said: “Despite the young age of the brand, we strongly believe in Lyxo. We have been processing plastic materials for thirty years (the company was founded in 1988) and our technological know-how in the construction of molds and in the processes has been consolidated and recognized by the market. Over the years, we have never stopped growing, learning, dreaming and expanding. However, our strengths are always the same: the pursuit of innovation and the passion we dedicate to anything we do. This is why we have turned to architect Simone Micheli, a guarantee in the contract industry. This collaboration has inevitably awakened interest and shown once again the effectiveness of working from two different perspectives – technical and creative. The result is a combination of ideas, a rational collection that goes beyond mere product design. Design is not an end in itself but useful and functional, characterized by a strong identity and uniqueness, able to adapt to any kind of living area. We want to redefine the concept of contract design, focusing on affordable, functional and impactful products.”

All LYXO products are made of polyethylene, a light material, easy to clean as well as weather, UV and shock resistant, which makes them perfect for public use.



People determine success. Numbers prepare for it: LYXO is part of Veca, a “Made in Italy” international brand that has been turning plastic into functional design for almost 30 years; 6 production plants with a total surface of 25.000 square meters, 40 innovative production machines both for injection and rotomoulding; exclusive use of 100% non-toxic and recyclable materials; 25 millions pieces and 10.000orders managed every year. Lyxo or evolved artisans: rotomoulding is the technology that enables plastic mould to rotate on two axes at the right times and in a uniform and precise manner. But it is only the human intervention that defines the finished product, thanks to thorough checks of shapes and details that must be perfect. Only then a beautiful product becomes a Lyxo product.



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