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Special OLEV lighting systems to accompany the thermal water journey in SPAs

3 May 2021

OLEV has been selected to illuminate Aquaria Thermal SPA – the largest and most-famous wellness center in Sirmione – with custom elements designed exclusively for this project by architect Elena Ogna, and created thanks to the Company’s know-how


The thermal water’s long journey is the project concept for the wellness center located in the amazing historical town of Sirmione, and the different areas recreate its steps: from rain falling on Mount Baldo, water heating up in the heart of the mountain with the earth’s heat, and then flowing down the Garda Lake river and finally reaching Sirmione.

In order to recreate the effect of these natural suggestions, OLEV, along with architect Elena Ogna, developed a lighting project with special elements, designed and manufactured especially for this project. In the “rain room”, a multitude of long and thin strands fall from above, recreating the feeling of being under the gentle rainfall of an autumn day; in the “salt room”, the ceiling lamps are formed by irregular fragments with vibrant colours, which look like precious stones embedded in the rocks; thanks to these special solutions, both environments offer a rejuvenating experience, through soft, enveloping and never flashing light effects.

OLEV worked around the complex and specific environment, with high levels of humidity and natural salts in thermal vapour. The Company opted for Plexiglass only, because it has no corrosion issues: thanks to its expertise, it managed to engineer lighting systems that create a unique atmosphere and ensure high durability and resistance over time.


Aquaria Thermal SPA

Sirmione (BS) Italy

Project: architect Elena Ogna / A4IDEA

Year: 2020

Ph credits: Tommy Ilai



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