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Stay at home, stay in a smart home: the Covid-proof smart home

20 May 2021

For Italians smart homes mean BTicino


The Internet of Things Observator from the School of Management at the Politecnico di Milano presented their study on Smart Homes during the online conference entitled “Stay at home, stay in a smart home: the Covid-proof smart home”. As part of the survey carried out ad hoc on end consumers in collaboration with BVA Doxa, the term “smart home” turned out to be well-known by Italian consumers.

According to the data presented both consumer awareness about Smart Homes and the spread of smart objects in homes are continuing to grow: 69% of those interviewed (1,000 Italian consumers) have in fact heard about smart homes at least once before (68% in 2019) and 43% have at least one smart object in their homes (42% in 2019 and 41% in 2018). In particular among those who know the term “smart home”, the first brand that comes to consumers’ minds is BTicino, on a par with Alexa, the well-known voice assistant developed by Amazon.

Franco Villani, AD of BTicino, had this to say: “Our range of connected products represents what I define as the evolution of the species, namely the current high point of a story of innovation that is part of the DNA of BTicino. For our brand it is an important achievement to know that, according to the survey carried out by Doxa for the Observatory at the Politecnico di Milano on Smart Homes, when Italians thinks of smart homes they automatically associate them with the BTicino brand. This means that our solutions designed for connected homes and based on know-how and years of work have now gained strong consumer awareness in our country”.

BTicino smart homes are those where the lights, shutters, thermostats, plugs and video intercoms thanks to integrated wi-fi connectivity in addition to traditional means can also be controlled using smartphones and a special App or voice-activated using smart speakers like Apple Siri, Google Home and Amazon Alexa, to ensure better efficiency, increased comfort and contribute to saving energy both locally and remotely.


BTicino smart solutions are a new generation of connected products

Living Now and Livinglight with Netatmo are two connected domestic ranges that provide smart solutions using traditional installation methods for lights, shutters and plugs. The connected thermostat Smarther2 with Netatmo allows to control and programme the temperature of your home from anywhere and at any time, optimising consumption and ensuring maximum comfort. Classe 100X and Classe 300X connected video intercoms allow you to answer calls, open locks and activate the security camera of your home.

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