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Stratlock Rail System, a modular system for fixing panels to wall/ceiling

12 October 2021

Developed by Fastmount, which allows to obtain planar and aligned installations even if they are on irregular surfaces


The system, already tested and in use in very particular markets, is made up of a special aluminum profile equipped with specific accessories for interconnection that allows the creation of frames, even in complex shapes, which can be fixed on surfaces or elements, ensuring structural rigidity and flatness for the installers. The special profile is made in order to receive the real fixing element, that is the male/female Stratlock clips, available with different calibrations and also fire rated which, thanks to their patented characteristics, allow to fix panels, adjusting their positioning continuously in any direction to keep the joints, adapt to particular geometries or compensate for errors or tolerances in materials and processes.

Completely invisible and ensuring the possibility of unhooking and reassembling any panel without having to follow any sequence. The locking of the fixed panels takes place on rubber elements that mechanically isolate the frame from the panels, preventing the spread of vibrations or propagation of unwanted noises.

High speed of installation that can also be made in advance and tested in another location, maximum precision, safety and great flexibility to adapt to any shape and need, make the Stratlock system a great revolution for commercial installations, contractors, furnishings, walls, ceilings and architectural decorations in every sector.

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