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Strip LED and EcoDesign: what has changed in the Necto Group offering

29 June 2021

The new EU 2019/2020 EcoDesign regulation will come into force for all lighting products on 1st September 2021. Necto Group is already ready!


A step forward in innovation

The Necto Group offering of LED strips has always been state-of-the-art with certifications and nothing could be truer than for the new ErP regulation: it is ready as ever to guarantee products that comply with new requirements. Most of the current offering will be certifiable and will not undergo any technical variation, apart from packaging and energy labelling, to ensure compliance with new EU market requirements.


The new EcoDesign LED strip catalogue

Necto Group has updated its offering, preparing a New EcoDesign LED Strip Catalogue containing all products currently on the market, which will also be ErP certified as of September. In addition to current products, the offering has been enriched with new ones and will be further expanded by the end of the year, with even more efficient solutions.


But what does the new regulation consist of?

This regulation came into being due to the European legislator’s requirement to simplify and unify European Union rules on lighting products. In addition to the introduction of new standards, in a single text, the so-called “Single Lighting Regulation”, it integrates all elements of Ecodesign legislation previously established by European Regulation (EC) 244/2009, (EC) 245/2009, (EU) 1194/2012 and successive and respective amendments.

The purpose of the ErP directive stems from the EU’s mission to guarantee safe, sustainable and competitive energy, also through the greater efficiency of lighting devices, with the aim of reducing annual energy consumption by 20%.  Moreover, it guarantees the uniformity of products available in the European Community market, while also being easier to apply and verify by competent national authorities. Click here to read the whole regulation on our website.


Compulsory requirements include:

  • New and much more stringent efficiency limits for all light sources, including those with LED technology.
  • Lengthening of the life cycle of products containing LED light sources and internal power supply units, through a design that will make them easier to disassemble with common tools, to enable repair and replacement.
  • The introduction of requirements to limit flickers of mains powered light sources.
  • The creation of a new Energy Label for product identification, containing much more information than the previous version.
  • The introduction of a QR code that will direct the users to a website where they can find all the information and operation specifications, both for light sources and power supply units (control gears).


The new energy label

The current energy classification ranges from A++ (the most efficient value) to E (the least efficient value). ErP classification, with its new parameters, will range from A (the most efficient value) to G (the least efficient value). Therefore, the labels on Necto Group products will provide information on energy consumption expressed in kWh per 1,000 hours and, as specified, will also contain a QR code for further information. All products released onto the European market will have to be registered on a dedicated European Community portal.


Necto Group has already collected full information on its products and as of now is ready to provide information and explanations, to a seamless customer experience during this transition phase. Join the innovation!


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