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Structural elements as a main feature of the design

28 December 2023

The residence Capolago 12


Led by architect Luca Remigio, the Remigio Architects team has recently expanded its portfolio of works with an intervention to a private residence: Capolago 12. Located in the heart of the city, in the homomime street from which it takes its name, the Milanese apartment has undergone redevelopment and design by the architectural firm.

The residential building, spread on four floors, is characterized by a unique architectural element, a raw iron staircase that leads from the entrance to the terrace. The presence of an exclusive element in its projects has always been the sign of Remigio Achitects that, specialized in exhibit design, lets its creativity go in every type of project. The enhancement of the historicity and style of the residence translates into the ambitious goal of preserving and celebrating the essence of the era in which the original house of 1937 was built, with the inclusion in the project of structural elements and furniture that recall not only the historical period but also the original Art Deco style. The house is an elegant four-storey structure that covers an area of 220 square meters.  Designed to offer space, comfort and versatility, the apartment consists of 8 rooms spread on the four floors.

The architectural element of the raw iron staircase is one of the main design elements of the building. The staircase is not only the visual and functional focal point of the structure, connecting the various floors, but represents the uniqueness and personality of the apartment. Composed of 6 ramps and 69 steps made of blocks of porphyry, extracted and worked in Val Camonica, the realization of the staircase has millimeter joints in an unusual dry “setting”. This technique requires that the staircase is drawn and produced by the various craftsmen, and then be transported to the construction site to be assembled on the spot with the support of or by fitting the various pieces, without welding.

Another guiding element of the project is the chromatic lighting of the staircase designed by Remigio Architects, which connects the entrance with the terrace. The concave plaster allows you to create effects and cuts of “tailor-made light” that change depending on the inclination and the different hours of the day. A lighting system that promotes continuity and verticality to the staircase body. Not only that, the decision to remove the lift and create the curved under step allows the natural light that penetrates from the large window of 6 meters to illuminate the whole interior of the house, also highlighting the floors of the staircase.

Another key element of the apartment is the kitchen block, entirely developed from scratch in collaboration with the company GPS stainless steel Marche. The kitchen is made of 100% stainless steel, with a scratched effect and composed of soft curves, which make it a unique piece made specifically for customers. Key elements for each project are also natural materials, which stand out in the project Capolago 12. For the staircase, the materials used range from raw iron, whose sheets for the conscials were personally chosen by the team in the mill, through the porphyry, very resistant and durable igneous rock, used for the 69 steps, also directly chosen in the quarries, until the use of chalk. Among the other recurring materials in the residence, wood and stainless steel, which is found in the block of the kitchen.

The combined use of these materials creates a unique atmosphere inside the house, allowing you to balance functionality, aesthetics and style according to the preferences of the client.


Project: Capolago 12

Location: Milan, Italy

Architect: Luca Remigio

Client: private client

Size: 4 floors, 220 mq

Credits photos: MAF Studio Snc/Giuseppe Molinari

Credits suppliers: GPS Inox for kitchen realization

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