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Symphonica Smart Sound: much more than a simple lamp

30 October 2020

The technology that brings music to life in the lighting design by Makris is born


Music can transform every second in an extraordinary moment. In office or at home, during home office hours, in leisure moments or simply when taking some relax, the notes of a melody stimulate creativity and favour concentration, freeing up our mind from everyday stress. When skilfully combined with sound, lighting enables to create unique atmospheres, heightening the comfort of indoor environments. In this regard, the quest for novel unions between visual and acoustic art has given birth to Symphonica Smart Sound, the integrated audio technology developed by Makris – Imoon’s specialised brand for unprecedented concepts in design lighting. With Symphonica Smart Sound, the attention to detail that characterises every creation of the brand is conveyed through new expressive styles thanks to which music too becomes a furnishing accessory.

A perfect fusion of performance, function, and style, Makris lights satisfy the desire to customise environments with multi-purpose design objects with a high aesthetic value thanks to the cable-free Wi-Fi connection system. The design created by the Makris team makes any external accessory superfluous: the integrated Bluetooth speaker allows you to play your favourite songs directly from your smartphone, which can also be used to adjust music volume. Makris has chosen to enhance five iconic models with its state-of-the-art PA system.



An ideal floor light for offices and workspaces, Wayd stands out for its clear-cut geometries creating a refined and slender aesthetics. The oval-shaped head of the lamp features a custom-designed acoustic box that ensures optimal performance in a small-sized casing. The latest generation LED source and luminous intensity management system guarantee maximum visual comfort and low energy consumption. Moreover, its multiple features can be easily adjusted through voice control.  Lastly, the elegant finishes available make Wayd a discreet element inside workspaces.


Suspension lights

Light embraces all matter bringing it to life, dilating every depth of it, providing a new rhythm to the home dimension: each of the four Makris suspension lights with integrated Symphonica Smart Sound tell a different way of conceiving living areas and interior design. This technology is designed to install speakers directly on the ceiling rose of the four models Bollicina, Baby, Lady, and Sphera, where a bass reflex amplifies and further improves sound quality. Hi-Fi acoustic performance is increased by the opening (reflex connect) that allows sound vibration produced in the back of the acoustic box to be re-emitted in the front. Moreover, the casing of the latter, which is made in carbon fibre reinforced plastic, ensures a noble and scratch-resistant surface structure. Finally, an external module enables to connect multiple speakers, while the volume of each individual speaker can also be adjusted using a remote control.

“Several studies show how listening to audio content has beneficial effects on our mood, increases motivation and encourages the birth of original ideas, in addition to making any activity, including work, more pleasant” says Massimiliano Giussani, General Director at Makris and Sales Director for Italy at Imoon, “In this sense, there are analogies with the creation of lighting design inspired by the principles of Human Centric Lighting (HCL), which is able to influence psychological and physical conditions by managing, for example, luminous intensity; this is made possible by the use of latest generation LED” he continues, and concludes, “Symphonica Smart Sound is therefore born with the goal of merging light and music into one dimension, to the benefit of the complete well-being of who lives in the indoor spaces. This system enables to respond to an increasingly sophisticated demand for design elements embracing new technologies”.


Makris is a brand that specialises in unprecedented concepts of lighting design by Imoon, a leading player in the design and manufacturing of lighting solutions located in Milan. The Makris Team is composed of designers, architects and scenographers who share a common passion for perfect combinations of unusual shapes and different material types and finishes. This futurist vision sublimates lighting, making it a determining factor in the creation of a suggestive atmosphere, as well as the symbol of captivating environments with a strong visual identity. In addition to the realisation of customised solutions for the Food & Fashion retail, the brand collaborates with reference roles in the field, creating authentic works of art for Home & Office.

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