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Targhette Point: innovative solutions for the furniture industry

14 June 2021

The company mission is to help its customers enhance their brand by designing and creating industrial plates that best convey the brand identity


The offered solutions aim to find the right combination of technical, aesthetic and economic needs to ensure that the final result is the best from all points of view, combining different technologies and types of customization. Each personalized plate model is designed and developed with the specific purpose of putting technical functionality at the disposal of identification.

Whether choosing screen-printed plates, die-cast plates or chemically engraved plates, Targhette Point guarantees high-quality standards and remarkable experience in all available solutions. Indeed, simply by switching from one customization technique to another, the company can guarantee specific solutions with great flexibility. It means that the entire manufacturing process focuses on obtaining a personalized label that accurately reflects the peculiar features of the brand and the company applying them to its products.


Innovation and brightness: the chrome laminated plates

Chrome laminated plates are a peculiar solution offered by Targhette Point. This particular kind of label allows achieving results with high aesthetic values, even in applications with a strong presence of details. Even the smallest graphic element can be reproduced faithfully and accurately. Made of extremely thin steel with subsequent application of chrome plating and double-sided adhesive, the plates are ideal for all those areas of application where the value of the brand wants to be enhanced in an innovative and not obvious way.

Given the limited impact in terms of thickness, they can be applied in a non-invasive way on the particular item, whether it is the door of a kitchen, rather than the inside of a sliding drawer. Despite the chrome finish, this kind of plates can also be customized with coloured graphic details, thus widening the range of achievable results with the possibilities offered by the colour spectrum.


Targhette Point

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