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TECHNO VENEERS milled panels by 4 DESIGN, the ideal solution for designing unique and refined spaces

2 November 2022

The TECHNO VENEERS collection of milled panels by 4 DESIGN is the new trend in designing unique and refined spaces. Available in more than 30 shapes, 3 types of supports and many pre composite wood finishes, they are an excellent solution to embellish any environment with originality and elegance.

Often used for furnishing villas, luxury homes, hotels, yachts and restaurants, they are increasingly in demand for shops and retail. Their versatility makes them suitable for different applications; 3 meters high and with a horizontal development of 1200 mm, the TECHNO VENEERS panels have proved to be a choice of style in furnishing that can really make a difference. They are also very comfortable products because they do not require special maintenance and usually have a long life.

4 DESIGN has always been committed to the search for new solutions and quality proposals, can satisfy any request and offer customized solutions.

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