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Technology at the service of design

4 November 2022

Sea & Symphony through its mechanisms brings movement and new functionalities to furnishing


Modernity constantly envisages new sceneries, poses new challenges to which it’s paramount respond with new patterns of thinking in design. Explore, tread new paths and develop products devoted to a functional other than aesthetic creativity it’s been the original purpose and starting point.


Transformable furniture with a tech heart

Bring technology at the heart of elements by creating something unprecedented; controllable invisible systems able to add movement and new functions to the exclusive projects of the customers.

Conceived and designed for an original view of the world of furniture, where form and substance combine for proposing new style directions, able to conjugate the Italian artisanal tradition with modern design and the newest home automation technology.


High-end craftsmanship Made in Italy meets innovation and technological research

These encounters give life to exclusive collections able to combine fine craftsmanship with an evolved project approach, ensuring tech integrations and new usage scenarios to which the domestic space is expected to respond. A concentration of invisible technology enabling different functions throughout remote control or voice-control domotic interfaces.


The culture of uniqueness

The companies for which they work offer strictly tailor-made projects in which three fundamental ingredients are expertly blended: design, craftsmanship and high-tech. Their wonderful collections tell of a rigorous way of approaching the project and of an innate passion for things done artfully, very far from the homologations of industrial production.

Realizations in which every table, bar table, kitchen or bed can be transformed and enriched with new functions and contain inside a food shelf, a bar cabinet or a retractable TV screen. Furniture equipped with an invisible integration of extra features, in addition to conventional ones, which embrace contemporary ways of living, breaking the mold of traditional design.

Proposing innovative and original solutions for the customers; this is the common goal…because uniqueness comes from diversity.


Sea & Symphony moves your wishes!

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