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Tegolo by Lombardo

27 July 2023

Designed to put light at the forefront, it impresses with elegance and versatility


Essential, functional, clever and soon iconic. This is Tegolo by Lombardo, the LED light source created by the evolution of the step-light concept and destined to become an understated protagonist, yet essential in any circumstance where a luminous path must be marked out, such as a driveway, or to illuminate the profile of a detail. Made of steel, Tegolo’s distinguishing feature is its triangular shape echoing roof tiles, hence the assonance of its name in Italian.

Shape and dimensions make the single element a perfectly repeatable module, capable of designing original geometric shapes of light; due to the inclined surface on both sides, Tegolo is also ergonomic and, while it is positioned parallel to the ground, it does not impede walking and will not cause you to stumble if accidentally bumped into; and finally, again thanks to the rounded peak formed by the two inclined surfaces, rain, snow and night moisture slide off, without contacting the light fitting beneath it.

It is available in two versions: with one or two illuminating sides, a versatile quality that allows it to be used either as a step-marker light for single and multiple lanes or as a stand-alone element to mark out areas of attention or interest, or still yet as an exclusively decorative element.

Functional and contemporary in design, Tegolo is the Columbus egg: a simple yet highly effective solution that does not forgot elegance and versatility.

The range is produced in different colours: white, grey ht, dark grey, corten and microbead-blasted stainless steel. Phase-cut dimmable Ac-Direct technology. Equipped with Sea Treatment for enhanced protection against salt spray mist.



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