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The Buzzi & Buzzi Iron Collection is born

24 January 2021

The strength of iron meets the elegance of light by Buzzi & Buzzi, a leading Lombard company in the lighting sector. The brand renews the proposal thanks to careful research and cutting-edge technology, creating new ranges in line with the designers’ needs. Thus was born Iron Reloaded, represented by metal products. The collection is composed of light modules, tracks and stand alone options that combine resistance, lightness and versatility to offer possibilities of use in new and greater fields of application, with the attention to detail that has always distinguished the brand.

Starting from the success of the Genius line, which gave life to numerous luminous options with a small yet powerful hole of only 20 mm, Buzzi & Buzzi wanted to design a series characterized by projectors, equally miniaturized and highly performing. That’s how a collection performing at 360° was born: Iron Reloaded products, in steel or in aluminium, are designed to meet the requirements not only of residential or small commercial areas, when areas need a welcoming light setting, but also of retail, where powered lighting is needed to enhance spaces ad hoc. Among these, in the residential area the protagonists X1, Y1, L1, C1 and Z1 stand out, capable of illuminating private spaces in a sophisticated way. The new products for the retail sector, Inciso and Q1, Q4, ML and GL are the adjustable and powerful products, perfect for the professional sector thanks to their high power.

With the 48V line lighting solutions, offices, the residential and the hotel sectors can be illuminated discreetly and minimally, but no less efficiently. This is possible thanks to the proposal of 48V projectors and track systems. With the tracks, each 48V product becomes  surface-mountable with different effects, where it is possible to combine seamless ceiling and wall systems. The different types of projectors, miniaturized suspensions and linear profiles with different lengths can be easily alternated, customizing the pattern of installed lights in an immediate way. The diffused beam light of the L1 profiles and the controlled C1 optics, with UGR (Unified Glare Rating) <14 and 3 different lenses, two symmetrical 20° and 30°, characterize these solutions. The most surprising effect of C1 is also achieved thanks to a 26 x 42 elliptical optic, perfect where more technical lighting is required.

The applications on the innovative Nano tracks, particularly imperceptible (10 x 10 mm), make it possible to create lighting scenarios with minimal impact accents. Nanotrack is available for surface, suspended and recessed installations. Particular attention is therefore paid to the possibility of making light as discreet as possible, without sacrificing efficiency. Thus, other products such as The Tube, which can be mounted as suspended, 15 mm with 400 lm output, or Mikado, small and powerful, ⌀ 17 mm with a 3200 lm light output, become exceptional lighting points.

The 220V power solutions, including light modules and tracks, are suitable for large spaces and specific needs. The lighting design becomes super efficient thanks to the variety of projectors available and to the surface and suspension track applications, succeeding in drawing scenographic light patterns. They envelop and illuminate large spaces in an immediate and precise way.

The products offer a renewed colour range to satisfy any design need and adapt to any kind of space: from the most traditional to those modern inspired. Buzzi & Buzzi, in fact, gives just as much importance to aesthetics as performance. Following the trends in the sector, also imposed by the main electronic manufacturers, the Lombard company implements a new concept in the catalogue of finishes, focusing on more elegant colours such as rose gold and chrome too. The indispensable matt white and black shades are not missing, accompanied by other anodized finishes such as champagne and brass. Playing with matt and glossy, the Iron Line products make environments elegant. The tracks, on the other hand, are available with a matt white or black (RAL) finish.

Stand Alone products, which complete the Iron Line with other indoor and outdoor proposals, are independent without track as recessed, surface and pendant lamps. Strong decorative impact and full brightness also for the latter, distinguished by a unique design. Thus, the iconic Genius recessed products merge with the variants of the X, Y, Z, and Q series metal-clad track mounted projectors. Suspended solutions, including Mikado, The Dark, The Line and The Tube, essential and refined, light up spaces with minimal impact.

Light wrapped in fire-forged material: Iron is the representation of the wise union between material and light output. Using cutting-edge technology, a unique know-how born from thirty years of experience and defining lighting fixtures with a minimal but distinctive appeal, Buzzi & Buzzi is the favourite choice of architects, designers and lighting designers.



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