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The drawer slim as a pencil is called Vionaro V8 by GRASS

7 June 2022

The Vionaro V8 system is a drawer side that can be reduced to 8 millimetres and produced at affordable costs


The future of drawers has the name: Vionaro V8. GRASS presents the next generation of drawers with the Slim Drawer system, measuring only 8 millimetres. This novelty is not only a masterpiece of mechanical engineering, but it is capable of transforming movement into a sensory experience. A design product having minimal, timeless character. It represents the starting signal for a new success story for GRASS. After the concealed hinge and the box-side drawers, the movement systems specialist has created another innovation that redefines the standards for the future.

The Vionaro V8 system is presently the thinnest steel drawer side ever: thanks to it, GRASS has shown that a drawer side can be reduced to 8 millimetres and produced at affordable costs. An unthinkable feature until the development of V8. “Technological progress means crossing borders” said Harald Klüh, GRASS Global Brand Manager. “With Vionaro V8, we have almost crossed the boundary of physics by going beyond the thickness limits: it previously seemed impossible to make such a thin drawer side”.


A sensory experience

Side panel, backrest, internal front: all the individual pieces have thickness reduced to just 8 millimetres, thus giving the cabinet a minimal elegance. The absence of the unnecessary gives Vionaro V8 a breathtaking simplicity. Its clear and monolithic shape will be able to overcome time and trends. In terms of both design and movement, Vionaro V8 will redefine the standard of all other systems.


Harmony in the furniture and a system suitable for all rooms in the house

With Vionaro V8, GRASS offers the perfect solution for equipping kitchen, bathroom, living and sleeping area furniture with the same movement system. The puristic design allows Vionaro V8 to optimize the furniture storage capacity: “The smaller the space occupied by the technology, the more supplies”, says Harald Klüh.

Extensively tested technology ensures a perfect movement experience: behind a drawer that incorporates Vionaro V8, the Dynapro undermount drawer slide offers excellent running performance, high stability, precision and exceptional operating comfort. Dynapro is one of the most successful hidden rails for full extensions available in different versions: with integrated soft-close braking system, for example, or as a Tipmatic Soft-close application without handles.

Vionaro V8 drawer system is available in five heights: from 72 mm, to a pull-out from 250 mm. The drawers are completed by a modern frame solution that can accommodate decorative elements – such as glass – without front-to-back supports. Vionaro V8 is a side panel made internally in steel, the only one in the world without any plastic elements. All components are joined together using an art laser welding technique that creates maximum stability and durability, guaranteeing an almost 100% recycling rate.

“It has been a while since we have seen a phase of progress of this magnitude. Despite all of GRASS’s enthusiasm for innovation, thanks to Vionaro V8 we have created a product that offers our customers real opportunities to differentiate themselves from the competition. For those looking for a drawer that offers Zen harmony, a luxury experience of movement and a timeless design character, Vionaro V8 is a product that will be at the forefront for the next decade”.

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