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The future of the sandwich panel is now

11 October 2021

Italton has realized the most innovative and modern version of the lightweight panel, thanks to the conception and design of a highly automated production process of the latest generation


(R)evolution panel is the Italton (Tonelli Group) lightweight panel that gives birth to a new era because it reduces times, costs and weights. One of the features of the Italton lightweight panel is the strength of the lightness: a light panel, thanks to the use of honeycomb inside, but anyway strong and resistant because of its mdf covers of several finishing and decorations.

(R)evolution panel has a low impact on the environment. The efficiency of the new production process together with the low weight of the panels make (R)evolution panel an eco-friendly innovation. The lightweight panel contains air up to 80%, which means an extraordinary saving on cubic meters of wood fiber and on deforestation. Moreover, thanks to the lower weight of the panel, it is possible to have bigger loading volumes resulting in freight costs saving and less CO2 emissions in the air.

It’s time for a revolution in the furniture world; thanks to (R)evolution panel, it is possible to realize every part of the furniture: kitchen tops, shelves, sides, doors, bottoms, but also walls, displayers, poster designing and every situation where lightness has to meet strength.


Welcome to the future of the sandwich panel! 

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