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The harmony of colours is at home with FAI

15 May 2023

Like a painter who pours a myriad of colours onto a still-so-anonymous white canvas from which an unexpected work of art will take shape, so FAI manages to transform the customer into the artist of his own home, giving that touch of extra character to each environment, starting from those details that make the difference. That is why, in a world that looks like a black and white film devoid of any particular connotation of uniqueness, FAI products mark a substantial change of course, in order not to set limits to the imagination, designing a reality entirely in colour, with its components for systems and porcelain chandeliers. From buttons to switches, from diverters to inverters and universal sockets, everything will come to life thanks to extreme customization that extends over 16 different colours, suitable for every taste and style.

But let’s start with the origin of the material they feature: porcelain. Due to its type of composition, it is considered a noble product, containing high-quality materials that give it aesthetics of simple and delicate lines, which perfectly combine with its intended use. Indeed, its versatility and resistance make it the ideal accessory for creating exposed installations and chandeliers within various contexts. To transform FAI porcelain components into the flagship of our homes: from the more rustic ones, perfectly matching with unrefined materials such as wood and stone, to the modern ones resulting from the minimal philosophy, in which the porcelain finds the proper combination with refined and elegant elements, such as marble and steel finishes.

To further enhance their adaptability, comes into play the vast range of colours that – for a company like FAI where originality and customization are the watchwords – represent an essential component to donating our home that harmonious atmosphere featuring the most glamorous environments.

FAI was present at the Euroluce Fair of the Salone del Mobile 2023 in Milan, with its stand offering the possibility to discover the wide range of available products and consult with professionals of the field to give shape to all possible ideas and style demands, to immerse ourselves in a world where creativity is the key player



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