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The innovative lighting of SIDEis for the smart cities of the future

29 May 2023

SIDEis is a start-up founded at the beginning of 2020 which has set itself the goal of innovating the light source in such a way as to allow for the first time a substantial renewal of the infrastructures, today for the future


SIDEis conceived, developed, patented, produced and finally installed the first luminaire in the world so light and ultra-compact capable of illuminating the streets just one meter above the ground. SIDEis marries sustainability through dematerialization, thanks to its miniaturized dimensions. It is an extremely versatile product, configurable for an infinite variety of application scenarios, ready to illuminate and communicate the smart cities of the future.

Its grazing light emission allows you to overcome the limits of existing solutions, it increases road safety not only by bringing light where it does not exist today, but also by acting as a road perimeter marker and improving the user’s visual perception in weather conditions against and in the presence of obstacles. The heart of the product is a patented optical unit that generates a grazing light projection 30 times larger than a traditional pole-mounted lighting fixture. Thanks to the intelligent driver and two colored LED modules placed on both sides of the luminaire, SIDEis is able to receive remote control impulses and act as an intelligent body of light, capable of creating signaling scenarios for road users.


SIDEis distributes light LATERALLY – across a road surface

Light approaches vehicles and people, becoming the perfect communication node in a network of self-driving cars. SIDEis is designed around its patented optical assembly, consisting of an injection-molded, transparent polymer light guide and a multi-source PCB. This system makes it possible to comply with the most stringent European standards for road and tunnel lighting, despite the very low installation height.

As an option, several groups of LEDs on the source PCB, which can be dimmed separately, give SIDEis the possibility to create different lighting scenarios and photometric distributions, simply remotely (adaptive photometry). The asymmetric transversal and road longitudinal distributions are the standard ones. Upon request, SIDEis can be equipped with additional LED signaling modules – amber and red – becoming a road flasher that can be configured in the presence of fog, accidents, traffic jams and all sorts of dangers. The photometric characteristics of these modules allow the luminaire to reach class L2L according to standard EN 12352: 2006 (signaling and safety light). Each fixture is able to dialogue with the contiguous ones to obtain specific signal sets, such as the whip effect.

Due to its compact design, SIDEis can be installed on the roadside even where space is limited: it fits perfectly inside the majority of guardrail profiles, and due to its weight content does not represent any further danger in the event of an accident. Its die-cast aluminum body guarantees correct heat dissipation to the on-board electronic components, maximizing its life cycle. Groups of customized brackets, in stainless steel, allow installation on any available roadside support. Correct pointing towards the roadway is possible simply by tilting it horizontally (+10° -10°) and vertically (+10° -10°). Further adjustments can be made upon request.


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