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The lamp designed for residential spaces and also for contract settings

24 October 2021

LULLABY by Status, Design: StudioPANG 2017


Harmonious reference to the image of a natural, elegant and light being with a shape that recalls a dress dancing in the air. Mysterious, with sinuous glossy, two-tone stratified dome that is both revealing and concealing. Lullaby is a lamp that has been designed for residential spaces and also for contract settings. Its shape is studied to avoid dazzling by uniformly distributing the luminous.


Construction features

Version: hanging lamp and wall lamp

Light source: high efficiency LED

Triac phase control dimming

Frame: painted methacrylate, in the colours: white, red, copper, anthracite grey

Colour temperature: 2700K, on request 4000K

Luminous flux: 2200lm.

Wattage: 20W

Power: 230V 50/60Hz AC, without power supply unit.

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