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The low-voltage dimmer at the height of inter-operability

17 May 2021

The CV UL dimmer with independent DALI-2 use by Necto Group, is a small powerhouse of technology that achieves the utmost connectivity thanks to DALI-2 certification IEC62386


Characteristics of the CV UL dimmer with DALI-2 independent use

It has been designed for use for all building automation applications where the utmost precision is required in the dimming of LED devices at very low voltages: 12/24/48V up to 12A. Whether for single lights or lighting systems, the CV UL dimmer with DALI-2 independent use means you can truly leverage the full potential of lighting automation, using the most evolved protocol. DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a digital lighting control protocol for the effortless installation of robust and flexible lighting networks with LED technology. The new protocol DALI-2 marks an important evolution in terms of inter-compatibility between manufacturers and different products, compared to the first DALI standard.


The advantages of the DALI-2 protocol

One of the most significant modifications is the addition of control devices, which were not present in the original version of DALI. While the DALI-1 version only included power supplies, DALI-2 includes devices like application controllers and input devices (light and movement sensors and remote control interfaces, for example). Unlike the previous version, requiring no more than the manufacturer’s self-certification, compliance with the standard for DALI-2 certification is subject to DiiA independent testing. Only tested manufacturers can apply the DALI-2 logo and thus be admitted into a DALI-2 network. This guarantees the effective compatibility of all DALI-2 products, drastically simplifying the management of entire lighting projects.


Scope of use of the CV UL dimmer with DALI-2independent use

In this field, the PWM L400MA0PT1A10-UL dimmer by Newlab is often used in environments with centralised lighting management, like hotels and stores. Associating it with a Master DALI-2 means you can manage sceneries and change scenographies simply, even at the touch of a button, with highly precise light dimming, from 0.1 to 100%, which is difficult to achieve with other products on the market.


Necto Group

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