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The Most Common Kitchen Design Challenges, and Titus Solutions

1 September 2022

The kitchen is the focus of the home today. The latest trend is for flowing architecture in which living, cooking and enjoying blend into one another. The best open-plan kitchen ideas provide versatility to design a space that works for everyone. Open-concept kitchens that offer the optimum comfort combine cabinet and drawer options of the highest quality, guaranteeing reliability, robustness and long-term performance. Thanks to their overall strength and stability, Titus T-type hinges cover multiple applications and various door sizes.

Titus Group specialises in high-performance, fit-for-purpose hardware products aimed at providing manufacturers with component solutions that improve their competitiveness.


Contemporary open-space and multi-functional kitchens combine flexible designs to coordinate with other furniture in the living area. This calls for a wider choice of materials and an increased range of cabinet sizes with enhanced functionality and effective storage options to satisfy the demands of an increasingly informed and demanding user. A wide range of door materials, thicknesses, sizes and weights is expected to have a soft close feature that performs consistently and lasts for a lifetime.

All of these demands require a resistant but versatile hinge to effectively perform on a wide range of applications, from very light to the heaviest. When it comes to the chosen hardware for an item of furniture, it can make or break the design. Hinge being the main component connecting cabinet and door panel, it not only connects the cabinet and the door panel precisely, but it also bears the weight of the door panel alone, and must therefore maintain the consistency of the door arrangement. Otherwise, it will appear loose after a while.

T-type’s sturdy and highly tolerant design, a design based on years of experience in precision engineering, ensures superior door stability without sagging even at the heaviest doors and reliable closing of light doors, as well as in case of accidental misalignments. Hinge cup drilling depth of 12mm enables the use of the hinge on doors as thin as 16mm and as thick as 34mm. With its 3Way snap-on intuitive hinge-to-plate mounting in three directions, mounting tall and heavy doors with three or more hinges has never been faster and easier, thus significantly reducing kitchen assembly time. An intuitive and precise adjustment procedure enables durable alignment and perfectly aligned door gaps as well as lifelong consistent door opening and closing. T-type hinge encompasses all the prerequisites for the highest quality demands. It provides a lifetime of consistent performance for a lifetime of consumer satisfaction. T-type family offers integrated, standalone and add-on damping which makes it possible to use only one hinge family for kitchen and auxiliary furniture to connect with the living room in an open space environment.


T-type hinge suits them all: from very light to the heaviest of doors

Titus’ customers are looking for simple solutions that need to meet very demanding requirements. The use of 22mm MDF doors becoming almost standard on so many ranges in the market today which now exceed 9kg which is well beyond door weights of the past, is causing some manufacturers to use 3 hinges on a standard kitchen door size. With the T-type hinge, you just need 2 hinges as it takes 25% more load-bearing, providing optimal stability. Furthermore, with a 3Way snap-on mount, the T-type is the easiest concealed hinge to mount, especially on tall, heavy doors.


TeraBlack – solutions in line with contemporary trends

The TeraBlack version – Titus Enhanced Resistance Application – of the T-type range is matt black, highly uniform smooth surface with a velvet feel that emphasises its innate quality and reinforces its consumer appeal. It is yet another dependable Titus-engineered solution supported by tightly controlled, repeatable, efficient, flexible and scalable manufacturing processes that provide the performance, consistency and quality rightly demanded by high-volume furniture producers. The cabinet hardware can be just as important as the colour or material that is chosen for the countertops, flooring or finishes for lighting or faucet. A cabinet door with Titus T-type concealed hinges is strong and functional, with a streamlined appearance, T-type is also recognised by kitchen manufacturers as the most reliable soft-close concealed hinge on the market.

So, make the most of your kitchen moments with a remarkable blend of design genius and highly functional hardware from Titus which is engineered for that specific purpose.



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