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The offices located in Balerna in the district of Mendrisio in Switzerland, illuminated by Egoluce products

28 April 2023

The entrance has two beautiful colors with a natural combination of a yellow and green tint, giving this space a unique look. For this project, the Egoluce team decided to use the product Lancia, indeed a big family that has it all.


The particular feature of this product is that it adapts to any space. In this hall, Egoluce installed a suspension lamp Lancia that gave this area a bit of a kick. Next, we move to the first meeting room, which has decorative wallpaper with a comic-like design with a fantastic combination of red and green.  


Egoluce used the Lancia System, and as we said before, does wonders in this spaceEach meeting room is different except for the lighting solution. The next stop is a meeting room decorated with illustrated wallpaper with adorable King Kong screaming from the top of his lungs on the top building surrounded by planes. Lancia adapted marvelously in all of the spaces. The big meeting room has another vibe completely. It is a very calm environment, almost heavenly-like, and the wallpapers in this room are clouds, just soothing blues, whites, and a splash of yellow.


Egoluce Lancia System lighting solution seamlessly floats above the clouds and completes the space. In each room, Egoluce used the same lighting solution Lancia System, usually above the table, that changed the feel of the room and lit it up in a particular way.

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