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The sculpture Danza del Mare created for MSC in partnership with Venini

23 January 2022

A Symbol of the MSC Foundation’s efforts to protect the Sea

An expression of dedication, hope and care


The sublime sculpture Danza del Mare was created for the MSC Foundation in partnership with Venini, one of the world’s most esteemed glassmakers, which is celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year. As a work of art, the creation symbolises the MSC Foundation’s dedication to protecting and promoting the natural environment of which we are a part and upon which we depend: our Blue Planet. The sculpture was designed by Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin for MSC Seashore and is located in the MSC Foundation Centre, rising from deck 5 to deck 8, surrounded by a mirror wall that proliferates the light and colours emanating from it, lit by a LED spotlight located in its base.

“In the course of our one hundred years of history and passion, Venini has preserved and interpreted a unique artistic heritage that has its origins in 13th-century Venetian culture, creating distinctive works that combine the profound knowledge of tradition with the allure of contemporary tastes. Venini is proud to have contributed its expertise and craftsmanship to creating this unique sculpture celebrating the environment and its creatures.”

Silvia Damiani – President of Venini and Vice President of the Damiani Group


Some curious details about “Danza del Mare”:

  • The Venini Team has supported the engineering and technical development of this colossal installation which is 12 metres high and 3 meters in diameter.
  • Every glass fish and ball is a unique hand-blown creation hand made in every part.
  • More than 190 fish of three different colours – red, yellow and amethyst – and three sizes (32, 38 and 42 cm), swimming in a spiral grouped by colour, evoking the sparkling colours of water and the sea.
  • 10 vertical cables and an upward spotlight.

The design uses the magical, fluid medium of glass to express the fluidity of the seas and everything in them, animal, vegetable and mineral, coral, fish, seaweed and oxygen.

Venini has always created objects with a timeless design that increase in value over time. Thanks to their elevated quality, high artistic aesthetic and manufacturing value, Venini creations are sold at important auctions. Indeed, the work of Murano glass that has fetched the highest price in history was created by Venini: “La Sentinella di Venezia” by Thomas Stearns brought the price of 737,000 dollars in 1962.

Since 2016, the company has been managed by the Damiani Group that also controls the international high-end jewellery brand of the same name. The company has set out a series of plans for growth aimed at generating global value of Made in Italy production.

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