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The Splicing Connector with Levers Green Range

20 October 2023

The first WAGO joint clamp made of a portion of recycled plastic and the reuse of biomass residues from the industrial and domestic sectors


WAGO, the specialist in electrical connections and automation technology, believes that every product, no matter how small, can make its contribution to the environment. For that reason, it continues to innovate one of its best-known products: the WAGO Series 221 Joint Clamp, now available with green levers made of a portion of bio-circular and recycled plastic. In this way, WAGO sets new requirements in connection technology. The use of efficient material resources is also relevant for safety-sensitive products, and the WAGO Green Range Lever Joint Clamp demonstrates that it is possible.

With this product, WAGO is committed to contributing responsibly to a more sustainable future: after all, every big change starts with a small step. WAGO Green Range lever joint clamp (art. code 221-42x) has the same advantages and features as the orange lever version but is partially obtained from recycled plastic (post-consumer recycled material) and bio-circular (from biological residues of the industrial and domestic sectors) certified at origin. The Splicing Connector with Levers Green Range reduces the use of fossil raw materials, promoting the circular use of plastic. In particular, the lever (PBT) consists of at least 27% PBT (lever). Levers Green Range consists of 77% bio-circular PC (housing), such as tall oil, waste from the production of used oils and fats, which are transformed into high-quality polycarbonate, thanks to intelligent technical processes aimed at reducing the use of fossil resources.

This shows that a waste product can turn back to life and become a valuable resource. The process makes this clamp a more sustainable alternative, maintaining the same quality and certifications as the standard Series 221 joint clamp. Not only does the clamp take a step forward towards sustainability, but so does its packaging: even the WAGO packaging has paid attention to the type of resources used and, therefore, the ecological footprint. WAGO paid attention to the materials used and the associated environmental footprint when it came to packaging too. WAGO’s Green Range Splicing Connector with Levers is packaged in grass paper, a more sustainable alternative to 100% recycled paper. Grass paper is made of up to 30% grass fibres and up to about 70% recycled paper. Grass paper production emits less CO2 and consumes less water than pure recycled paper production. In addition, its impact on biodiversity is about 28% lower since the grass fibre comes from ecological compensation sites for development or fallow agricultural land.

WAGO splicing connector with Levers Green Range is a choice for anyone who wants to produce or build more sustainability, specifically addressed to installers, electricians, construction engineers or device manufacturers. For WAGO it represents a further step towards greater sustainability.



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