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The “Useful Beauty”: this is Inoxa’s raison d’etre on the market

15 June 2022

A modern vision of kalòs kai agathòs: the ideal of beauty and good in ancient Greek culture, where beauty was the outer representation of the inner good


Inoxa produces pull-out baskets for the kitchen, making them attractive objects with close attention to materials, the safety of the internal production processes, from the material transformation before packaging, and customer involvement in customising the products following specific needs.

In 1998, Inoxa was founded on the idea of Silvano and Roberto Trombettoni, the owners of the company. Silvano had worked for a long time as a sales agent, a professional experience teaching him the importance of the relationship with the customer in both the initial consultation phase and after-sales assistance. And that is at the basis of Inoxa’s entrepreneurial vision: the person and the relationships need to be the focus of the company, internally and externally. Indeed, kalòs kai agathòs. Since then, Inoxa has been designing and building pull-out elements for the kitchen. For over 20 years, they have earned their customers’ trust thanks to the quality of the in-house manufactured products, and the sales approach of listening to those relying on the company to shape their project.

Inoxa’s pull-out kitchen accessories are distinguished by their function and aesthetic appeal and come in a broad range of solutions. Plus, the company guarantees the possibility of customising the solution based on the customer’s specific needs, thanks to a team of collaborators who guide them through the phase of identifying product characteristics, all the way to the result. Inoxa’s pull-out kitchen accessories are designed to the last detail using evolved technology and great care to the finishes. The chrome finish, for instance, is manufactured in-house in an ISO 14000-certified plant with closed drainage circuits to guarantee maximum safety and reduce the environmental impact of the production processes.

Inoxa is the ideal partner for small, medium or large companies looking for a reliable company that observes the deadlines of the design stages, ensuring a solid and constant presence, after-sales included. In the relationships with customers and suppliers, Inoxa applies the same values at the basis of its business: believing in the possibility of building a healthy environment that involves everyone. The people participating in Inoxa’s world need to feel part of a collective transformation: kindness, availability and a welcoming approach are not in contrast with productively remaining on the market. On the contrary, at Inoxa these are qualities for them always to do better.



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