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Titus TeraBlack range of products: cabinet hardware solution beyond aesthetics

11 October 2021

Matte black has evolved from just ‘a new trend’ to becoming ‘the new standard’ when someone wants a dark finish for hardware, faucets, lighting, and even sinks. TeraBlack is Titus’ technical answer to the dark colour interior design trends in furniture and cabinet hardware. Tera, which stands for Titus Enhanced Resistance Application, is the black matte finish with a light-absorbing microstructure that is much more than just a colour option.


Titus TeraBlack – More than just another colour option

TeraBlack from Titus, the non-reflective matte black finish, has a smooth uniform surface with a velvety feel. The surface finish is visually impressive and highly resistant to wear and tear. Matte black can add the perfect contrast, or a little drama in a space while still being safe enough that there is no fear it will go out of style anytime soon. It is a finish that can blend beautifully with all decor styles and cabinet finishes. When manufacturing kitchen furniture, the stability of the unit is key to the product’s success. The retailer must be pleased with the quality and ease of install, and the consumer needs a practical and attractive kitchen that goes the distance.

TeraBlack range of products not only offers a bold visual impact, but first and foremost offers perfectly designed and functioning details. Hardware is a detail that can easily become an afterthought. But the right cabinet hardware can make a serious visual impact, elevating the room in a way that is easy and effortless. And when you think about the countless times that cabinet hardware is used throughout everyday undertakings, it becomes clear that the value and joy that a well-made piece of hardware brings is well worth the investment. The result of Titus’ “Engineering for a purpose” philosophy is a technical solution that complements all types of design – timeless and modern – enhancing light wood and classic white cabinetry by standing out, but also, complementing dramatic and moody hues of dark cabinetry by blending in. Titus experts always strive for new and improved functionalities and a life-time reliable performance as well as improved aesthetics – as is the case of TeraBlack range of products – thus making cabinet hardware the linchpin in the flawless user experience.


Performance and style

Titus developed TeraBlack in response to the growing demand for dark cabinet hardware, but the range certainly doesn’t put style over substance. The flagship product in the TeraBlack finish range is the innovative, award-winning T-type hinge with integrated damping. Its key features are simplicity of assembly, wide tolerances and consistent performance on a wide range of doors. The matte black T-type hinges deliver a high level of consistency throughout their lifecycle.

And TeraBlack isn’t just limited to hinges. A whole range of fittings, including push latches, shelf supports, joining plates and connectors are available in TeraBlack. TeraBlack is much more than a colour option. It’s a uniquely durable finish with lasting good looks. Like all solutions from Titus, it’s engineered for the purpose.


More information on how you can improve your competitiveness with Titus here.


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