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TONELLI and ITALTON presented a brilliant novelty

3 November 2023

The honeycomb of the future opens a new era by revolutionizing the way to produce furniture


It is a new system presented at Sicam Pordenone to produce furniture using (R)evolution panels, ITALTON honeycomb panels, without perimeter strips and standard hardware. Making furniture with honeycomb panels without strips has considerable advantages: respect for the environment thanks to less raw materials used, they are even lighter while maintaining the same resistance, stability and flatness, and they are easier to handle, pack and transport.

(R)evolution panel is the honeycomb panel produced by ITALTON in its most innovative and modern version following the concept and design of the latest generation production process. A sophisticated automated and performing system designed and built on specific requests to offer the furniture market something revolutionary: the honeycomb of the future that opens a new era and revolutionizes furniture production. (R)evolution panel can be supplied with and without slats; for the panels without the insertion of the slats, use simple and resistant fixing systems with traditional hardware.

(R)evolution panel also has a low environmental impact: with its use, there is a drastic saving of cubic meters of wood and felling of trees. In addition, the lower weight of the panel allows higher load volumes with consequent savings in transport costs and lower CO2 emissions into the air. The (R)evolution panels can create all the components of the furniture: kitchen tops, shelves, sides, doors, bottoms and walls, displays, signage or all situations where lightness and strength are required. The panel can be supplied raw or finished with decorative papers at the customer’s request. (R)evolution Panel is produced up to 5600 mm in length and up to 2200 mm in width, in thicknesses from 15 mm to 100 mm with up to 9 longitudinal strips in 4 different widths.

This edition of Sicam showcased also honeycomb panels for resale, with modular strips already positioned for fixing the hardware and to make bases and wall units for kitchen, cabinets and custom-made furniture.

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