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Traditional Murano glassmaking meets the new world

22 February 2024

“I Dischi” by de Majo, design: Francesco Dei Rossi


Versatile and with a captivating look, I Dischi is a modular installation product by de Majo, which perfectly captures the dual ethos of the company: a strong link between traditional Murano glassmaking culture and stylistic innovation, essentially pure and aesthetically clean. I Dischi is composed of handcrafted glass disks featuring a series of traditional Murano decorative glassmaking techniques. When agglomerated in a composition, this installation piece confers a dynamic yet elegant effect. An accent piece for a bold interior, suitable for both hospitality and residential projects, highlighting the uniqueness of each single prestigious glass component.

A handcrafted product which is also highly functional and very recommended for designers wanting to propose a custom installation to their clients. Available as a single suspension unit (glass disk diameter ranging from 20cm to 30cm), or as a light drop module (90cm x 90cm). Adaptable to a variety of ceilings and highly customisable. Both glass components and metal components can be tailored to an exact request, adding a bespoke touch to high-end projects.



Ceiling composition in Murano Glass.

Materials: Artisanal Murano glass, brass

Dimensions: 90cm x 90cm module

Lightbulbs: G4 LED


de Majo

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