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UNIC SYSTEM: the luminous solution that innovates the joint and the groove profile

7 November 2022

ZEMIS presents a LED system that offers to the kitchen, living area, sleeping area and bathroom furniture a new point of view and new functions


After some years of research and thanks to his technical office, ZEMIS finally presents UNIC: a structural and luminous system that thanks to a specific extruded aluminum profile meets and revisits the tradition of the joint and groove profiles, solving the present needs and welcoming the future projections of furnishing projects by hosting different LED luminous elements in an efficient and functional way.

This system offers to the kitchen, living area, sleeping area and bathroom furniture a new point of view and new functions, that have led to the industrial patent. The UNIC system allows to equip the aluminum profile with an LED light element. The extrusion is designed with slots on the profile that can be disclose when necessary. The lighting elements can work individually or in groups in a synergistic way, ensuring perfect integration and a wide opportunities of customization options for the lighting scenarios in the most varied furnishing compositions.

The structural element of the aluminum profile is totally detached from the lighting body, which allows to develop great attention to the design of the lighting elements, while seeking sustainability, functionality and a new concept in the furniture lighting panorama. The specific features of the UNIC system allows it to be integrated into furnishing elements with maximum freedom, in unexpected applications and interpreting a technical product with a new style and a new philosophy. Among the main advantages, the resistance of the components to time and atmospheric agents, even in outdoor use, such as the application in kitchen furniture for outdoor spaces, the flexibility in customization and last but not least environmental sustainability, for an easy recycling of individual components at the end of their life cycle, thanks to their easy separability.

From the worktop of the kitchen composition, on the back as well as on the wall unit front, to the internal lighting of wall units and base units, from the possibility of illuminating a luminous backrest, to the lighting of the sink area, dish drainer area and cooking area continuously and safe up to continuous courtesy lighting under the counter on all the bases in correspondence with the horizontal and vertical groove, the UNIC system promises to be a solution capable of revolutionizing the entire market sector.

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