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V-TAC successfully introduces a photovoltaic system

2 February 2023

LED Italia was born from the idea of a Milanese entrepreneurial group to address the need to reduce electricity consumption and polluting emissions.

With the V-TAC brand, LED Italia has found the answer and has become its largest Italian distributor


LED Italia, with V-TAC, can now offer a vast range of photovoltaic products. The goal is to improve energy efficiency in residential, commercial and industrial buildings and produce clean energy.


Why focus on photovoltaic systems

CO2 emissions, environmental pollution, and climate change are putting a strain on our planet. But everyone, in their way, can decide to do their part to fight these phenomena. Switching to solar energy is the first step towards a more economically green and sustainable lifestyle.


The products distributed by LED Italia

Photovoltaic panels allow clean energy production through three main components: photovoltaic modules, inverters and accumulators. Photovoltaic cells produce electricity thanks to silicon, a material capable of producing electricity when irradiated by sunlight. Inverters are electronic devices that transform the electrical energy produced by the modules – direct current – into the same type of energy used by residential (household appliances, etc.) or industrial appliances – alternating current. Finally, the storage devices, the photovoltaic batteries, connected to the inverter, allow the electricity generated by the photovoltaic panels to be stored. In this way, it is possible to introduce the energy accumulated thanks to the work of the inverters into the domestic system at times of the day when the panels do not produce energy.

The range of V-TAC products allows you to enter the world of renewable energy through the supply of monocrystalline photovoltaic solar panels. The offer includes two types: both in aluminium alloy and tempered glass with an operating temperature from -40 to +85°C; the panel frame is in anodized aluminium, and the number of cells is 144. To date, are available 3 power and size cuts: nominal power 450W and dimensions 2094x1038x35mm; rated power of 545W and dimensions 2279x1134x35mm, rated power 410W and dimensions 1722x1134x30mm.

The guarantee of manufacturability is at least 85% within 25 years. V-TAC offers a battery for photovoltaic inverters that allows you to accumulate electricity up to a maximum capacity of 10KWh. The guarantee lasts for 5 years. One of its great advantages is its long life: up to 5000 charge/discharge cycles. On LED Italia website, there is also a very efficient V-TAC portable lithium battery, with a nominal AC power of 499Wh. The battery capacity is 568Wh, and the warranty lasts for 2 years.

The main strength of the offer is the availability for the prompt delivery of photovoltaic modules with HALF-CUT technology, characterized by an innovative circuit design, which requires less internal current with consequent lower power loss and increased yield. Easy installation, perfect compatibility and expandability improve system performance and efficiency. Finally, the range of accessories and supports – photovoltaic connection cables, solar extension cables, adjustable legs, profiles and mounting supports – are necessary to create an efficient photovoltaic system.


LED Italia’s service

The LED Italia’s team, young, dynamic and constantly updated on a professional level, can offer technical and commercial assistance that puts customer satisfaction at the centre of the sales process. The sizing of a photovoltaic system is a complex process. It requires the detection of a series of factors of a different nature (technical, economic and architectural), anyway closely interrelated. The LED Italia team is ready to assist the customer offering the necessary help for choosing the most suitable panels.

Further details about the currently available products are here.

With LED Italia, participating in the sustainable revolution will be easy and possible for everyone.

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