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Vetrart – Artisan glass-blow moulding company handing down one of the traditions of the Italian Veneto region

8 December 2022

Vetrart, the artisan glass-blow moulding company founded in 1990 by Daniele Bagnara and Alessandra Schiano, has become a creative team of Venetian glass masters who preserve and pass on one of the most famous and refined traditions of the Italian Veneto region.

A unique Made in Italy manufacturing process, totally handmade, and using the mouth-blowing technique: his process allows to obtain creative and unique pieces, also rich in passion and tradition. Thanks to the quality of the products and the natural glass elegance, the company has established its brand over time, first in the Italian territory, then in Europe and finally in the global market.

Vetrart was initially born as a manufacturer of high-quality gift items and decorative home accessories and has developed over the years, innovating and transforming itself to meet the market request. The company’s current core business concerns the lighting design sector, with quality and valuable creations full of tradition and passion.


Raw material: borosilicate glass/ pirex glass

The raw material used by Vetrart is borosilicate glass, often associated with the name Pyrex. Borosilicate glass is a material known for its strength, adaptability to thermal surge and resistance to enlargement.

It should not be confused with the classic thin and fragile glass. Thanks to its composition, it is very transparent and light but at the same time robust and easily workable. In the past, it was used only for pharmaceutical and chemistry use, while now Pyrex is in kitchen products, home decorations and lighting.


Vetrart is an eco-friendly company because it produces clean energy and recyclable packaging. Its photovoltaic system generates electricity in an environmentally friendly way by remaining independent from electricity sources for 80% of production. Indeed, it is one of few Italian companies that installed a renewable system allowing a low environmental impact.

Furthermore, since glass is a long-lasting and reusable material, it is possible to use Vetrart items for a long time and even recycle them. Finally, the gases and materials used for processing do not produce polluting volatile substances, thus contributing to environmental well-being.



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