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Vimar technology for Rubner Haus Boutique

17 March 2021

Oak-wood floors, musk walls, a monumental staircase: called the Boutique, this is the new setting designed by Rubner Haus, in which to delve for an emotion-packed experience that accompanies visitors as they pick the materials and finishes for their home. A place that’s packed with sensory suggestions, where the technical aspects can be evaluated together with the pairings and concrete solutions according to individual visions of the home as an expression of oneself and of one’s view of sociability.

The concept which inspired this space is a total experience starting with organic and warm material such as wood, the passion for which lies at the heart of Rubner. The space in itself is a place for sensory exploration, where visitors can touch, smell, and delve into the materials, fragrances, colours and finishes of their future home. The setting spans two storeys for a total of 550 square metres, its interiors designed for maximum impact.

In order to have equally unique electricity control devices, the decision was made to install Vimar’s Eikon Tactil controls in the KNX version. Capable of further enhancing the appeal of these settings, the Tactil controls stand out for their seductive silhouettes at first glance, with their alluring smooth and bright glass surface. As soon as they are merely touched, a proximity sensor detects proximity to the device and activates backlighting, so merely skimming their surface will activate them, and the sophisticated touch technology turns this into direct energy control. These devices are used to manage lights, roller shutters and the scenarios set.

The exclusive allure of Tactil is supplemented with the silhouettes of Eikon Evo. Shapes designed to be noticed, sizes which delicately stand out on walls, and an ultra-slim profile. The Eikon Evo cover plates in diamond black crystal make room for the prized materials and their processing, enhancing the value of the buttons and controls with a chrome frame.

Settings, furnishings and home automation system devices thus make the perfect combination that the philosophies of Vimar and Rubner – two excellences Made in Italy – have in common.



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