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WAGO 2070 – Back-side terminals for advanced lighting systems

19 October 2020

Allow the back-side wiring of the modules, simplifying installation and minimizing shading problems in thin or ultra-thin lighting systems.


WAGO 2070 terminals allow the connection of rigid and flexible conductors with 0.2 / 0.75 mm² cross sections (24-18 AWG) with a nominal capacity of 9A, thus covering the connection needs of various lighting applications. Thanks to the proven CAGE-CLAMP® PUSH-IN connection technology, the rigid conductors can be connected to the clamps without using tools, simply by engaging them under pressure; in case of use of flexible conductors, the wiring can be easily performed with a simple tool that allows the opening of the contact and the subsequent insertion of the conductors or their removal when necessary. This versatility makes the WAGO 2070 series ideal for all types of wiring, both fully automatic and manual.

A variant of the 2070 terminals is available with an optional “cover” that completely closes the terminal housing on the LED side, creating a single white area that guarantees uniformity of color with the strip; furthermore, the “cover” becomes an ideal and central gripping point for the heads / suckers of the pick & place machines in the automated assembly lines. In addition to the above, the Wago 2070 terminals can also be supplied with “silk-screen printed” on each pole.


Wago SMD Family

WAGO 2070 Series is only the latest in a wide range of SMD products for Lighting and Industrial applications: the same line also includes the well-established WAGO Series 2059-2060-2061, the first SMD terminals with drive buttons of contact, and the most recent and innovative WAGO Series 2065-2075.

The 2065 Series is characterized by an ultra-compact design that does not include an external plastic housing, but only the metal terminal! Only 2.7 mm high, the clamp accepts both flexible and rigid conductors with a cross-section of 0.2-0.75 mm² (24-18 AWG) with a nominal capacity of 9A. As for the 2070 Series, the clamp is equipped with a CAGE-CLAMP® PUSH-IN-type spring connection technology that allows direct insertion of rigid conductors and through an integrated lever, the opening of the contact for the insertion of flexible ones or the possible disconnection of both types of driver in case of necessity.

Series 2075, another naked clamp – not equipped with plastic housing – for back-side applications that require vertical conductor entry. The 2075 is made with a Push-in connection technology, to allow direct and tool-free insertion of rigid conductors with a cross-section between 0.5 / 0.75mm² (20 AWG). Thanks to this type of connection, the use is guaranteed both for automatic and manual wiring, thus becoming an economic and technically sound alternative to conductor tinning processes. With a capacity of 9A and its compact and minimal design, the designers of LED modules will appreciate the functionality and simplicity of assembly and use.


All WAGO SMD Series are supplied in tape-and-reel packaging for automatic board assembly and complete integration into SMT production and assembly processes. 

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