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We do not live for business only

29 June 2022

In 1995 Sea & Symphony was founded

Since then, it has been a crescendo of success and international performance


Not without difficulty, the respect for collaborators, customers and suppliers (now called ethical behaviour) has allowed this continuous development. In addition to furnishing accessories making up an extraordinary range, from the very beginning, S&S has tried to combine the concept of luxury with the one of elegant living. A courteous way of dealing with situations meeting everyone’s needs so that work is not just business but also a path to satisfaction.

For this reason, in addition to producing, improving and innovating all S&S production, and with a great attitude to “tailor-made”, the company seated in Turin stands out for its ways of acting, too. Internally, they invest in people, the company soul, so much that their collaboration with the University Politecnico di Torino and Professional Institutes aimed at training in Mechanics and Mechatronics allows them always to count on “Renewed Energy”. After all, the city where the company was born and raised, Turin, has a tradition and a historical vocation towards mechanics, whether dedicated to cars or space probes.

Externally, i.e. towards the market, S&S has always been attentive and available, accepting the challenges. Sensitive to environmental problems and supporting a development taking into account energy factors, just as research-oriented toward the use of lighter materials that make it possible to save raw material, production and freight costs.

S&S’s main interlocutors are the Nautical and Naval Shipyards, Furniture Manufacturers, Design Studios and System Integrators. Indirectly, therefore, S&S contributes to the satisfaction of demanding customers who will not give up on the prestige of their home, company or yacht.

Paraphrasing Oscar Wilde, a perfect example of elegance, what we build is superfluous, therefore indispensable and it has to be done quickly and well.

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