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WISE SYSTEM – The smart way to light

28 October 2021

Technological innovation travels at the speed of light, and Fael is no exception


In collaboration with the most important technological players on the market, Fael LUCE presents WISE SYSTEM, the new system that, thanks to connectivity and the integration of several technologies, is able to create a two-way communication network through which it is possible to enable a series of additional services that transform the city into a modern and sustainable one. Thanks to IoT (Internet of Things), it is possible to integrate Fael LUCE luminaires with specific devices that, connected to the lighting network, communicate with each other to promote innovation in cities, industrial facilities, large areas and sports facilities, expanding the range of services offered.

WISE SYSTEM is designed with five major application areas, with which it is possible to integrate systems of:

SMART 4 MOBILITY: smart parking, traffic monitoring and adaptive lighting systems.

SMART 4 PEOPLE: WiFi connectivity and smart information systems and services.

SMART 4 ENVIRONMENT: climate, air quality and waste management monitoring.

SMART 4 PRO: video surveillance and remote lighting control systems.

SMART 4 FUN: management of light flow, energy consumption and creation of scenic lighting effects with DALI and DMX control system.


The advantages of this new system, both for users and Public Administrations, are many, such as maximum applicability and flexibility, high energy saving and improvement of people’s quality of life. With WISE SYSTEM you can manage your lighting in a complete and intelligent way, becoming the real protagonist of the change in your city!



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