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A fully lit house with the smart light by Signify

29 October 2021

The new easy-to-use WiZ smart lighting products


Signify announces a new range of WiZ smart lighting products for daily convenience. With WiZ’s ecosystem and newest product range — consisting of smart table lamps, ceiling lamps, and accessories — it’s easier than ever to make home connected with smart lighting. The new products are already available since September 1st, 2021.


Create the right atmosphere or paint walls with light

Wishing to transform stark corners into cosy reading nooks? The new WiZ Hero is a compact, versatile table lamp able to create the prefect ambience in which to read, work or relax, by a simple tap. It comes with pre-programmed wake-up and bedtime modes, to help gently to wake up, get energised in the morning, and smoothly fall asleep at night. WiZ Hero tap control is easy enough for kids to use it as a bedside table lamp. WiZ Squire table lamp is suitable for side tables or bookshelves: with its unique dual light zone design, it can revive any empty wall with a fun splash of coloured light, while emitting a soft glow onto the surfaces to create a soothing, harmonious atmosphere.


Smart ceiling lights to suit every room

WiZ Tunable White ceiling lights, for an elegant and subtle smart light. The minimal super slim design perfect fits in living rooms and bedrooms, harmonizing in every environment. Using the Circadian Rhythm mode, the natural transition of sunlight throughout the day can be reproduced at home. WiZ Adria Daylight Dimmable and Warm Dimmable ceiling lights offer smart lighting features in the home more functional areas, like kitchen, bathroom or hallway. The ceiling lights can be connected to the WiZ app to dim the lights using the app or voice control.

No more dazzling in the bathroom or kitchen at night, as a warm, dimmed light can be set using our own the voice. WiZ Full colour can highlight home features through a directional lighting. The versatile tuneable LED spots with adjustable head can bring out true and vivid colours in the rooms, favourite decoration and home design. As an alternative, by positioning the beam towards the home office desk concentration and productivity can be improved thanks to a focused, cool light.


Turning “non-smart” lights and appliances into smart ones

Using WiZ Smart Plug, “non-smart” lights and appliances can be turned into smart ones and be wirelessly controlled by WiZ app or voice assistant. Users can set timers and routines to control the light or appliances when they are not at home. The new Smart Plug has an embedded power meter monitoring consumption for energy optimisation.

“We continue to expand the WiZ system with smart innovations like the Smart Plug, new connected table lamps and ceiling lights that suit every atmosphere and style. By offering the most intuitive and easy-to-setup ecosystem with a dedicated app connecting our smart products, we are helping consumers to create a welcoming environment using smart lights for every kind of lifestyle”, says Maikel Klom, Business Leader of WiZ Connected.

WiZ’s reliable ecosystem comes with a user-friendly app and plug-and-play devices working via existing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. This easy-to-use technology improves daily life completing the users’ homes while making all-connected smart lighting accessible.


Further info, product details and technical specifications

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