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A house on Lake Maggiore protagonist, thanks to an ad hoc outdoor lighting

10 April 2022

Eikon Exé design hanging over the lake


On the Piedmont shore of the Lake Maggiore, Italy, bordering Switzerland, an old cottage was restored by reworking its peculiar features in a contemporary key and maintaining its identity, perfectly integrated with the surrounding landscape.

The distinctive element of the project, by Prisma studio and winner of the Premio Speciale In/Architettura 2020(Special Award In / Architettura 2020) assigned by Vimar for the best project in Piedmont, was indeed the preservation of the classic rustic form and the use of split stone cladding for the perimeter walls of the main building. A full-height “breakout”, thanks to the generous glazed opening, offers a breathtaking view of Lake Maggiore. The result is a house over two levels: on the ground floor, the sleeping area and upstairs the living with comfortable open space and sloping pitched roof, all with a spectacular view. Thanks to its position on the hill, the house offers a 180° view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. In the evening, the house becomes a true protagonist thanks to the ad-hoc outdoor lighting: a scenic effect admirable from the town below, without impacting the owners’ privacy.

As for the interiors, the project pursued a minimal finishing and furniture concept. Wooden floors for almost all the rooms, exposed wood for the roof slab, and, following a chromatic choice, all interior walls are white. The power control devices are in the same essential white. We all know that often it is the detail making the difference. Between the nuances of the walls and the floor are the beautiful, essential-style buttons and controls of the Eikon Exé line, framed by matt white metal plates and perfectly inserted in these easy but elegant environments. Aesthetic continuity and discreet tones for total immersion. In a total-look effect, Eikon Exé confirms itself as pure essence: in terms of shape, with thin profiles to emphasize design, square corners and strict lines, and material, for high-quality finishes.

Style details, 100% made in Italy.



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