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A journey among Ferroluce lamps, to discover the new Decò collection

3 April 2022

As a preview, Italian Lighting is pleased to present a first part of the Decò collection by Ferroluce, designed by art director Giorgio Biscaro, aimed to give verve and vivacity to the image many had of the ceramic lamps


The Decò collection is an attempt to distance oneself from already explored symbols, embracing instead a completely free and unique expression. Easy-to-read, sculptural, and familiar shapes bring out rich and soft ceramic surfaces. These are the common denominator of a series of products designed without losing sight of the inspiration brought by a fresh, airy, green, and vital environment, whether in a domestic, restaurant or professional context. Decò represents, within the evolution of the Ferroluce brand, a new addition to a wide-ranging mosaic of offerings.



Just like the shiny and elusive surfaces of motoring helmets, Ayrton reflects and emphasizes the light touching its surface, outlining shimmering contours that give great depth to the varnish on its smooth vitreous skin. The lower part of its volume is cut to maximize the light output filling the inner surfaces, which is then optimally released slightly directing the light beam.



Just like a jewel, the bright ceramic elements are organized in a vertical series forming a varied and colourful chain progressing in alternating geometries until it reaches the most important element containing the lighting element. Lariat is available in different versions and variants, creating different lengths and types of use, all made up of small ceramic beads with polished enamelling in fresh and contemporary colours.



The evenness of the surface, a phytomorphic inspiration expressed by a revolutionary solid alternating linear rigour and wavy softness, and the decorative technique of the engobe highlighting its volumes with shiny and opaque finishes. These are the main features of this direct light lamp whose main source emerges unshielded from the main body to maximize the light emission.



The formal precision and rigour of the volumes are the distinctive features of this collection that, skilfully combining regular geometric shapes, distinctive patterns and concealed technical elements, creates shapes of great impact, almost metaphysical, able to perfectly fit in different environments. Available in several variants and applications, Pi collection makes perfect use of decorative ceramic techniques surrounding rich, pleasant and balanced surfaces.



Rhythm and precision are elements that a Brazilian musician needs to create typical carioca rhythms, but they are also the main features of this suspension lamp volume. Clean and harmonious features highlighting the finishes on the surface: a partial crystalline bath, hand-made by the ceramist, thus always different, that once fired reveals the glaze of the product, intensifying its colour and emphasizing its rounded shapes.

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