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A magic evening dedicated to the first 70 years of Terno Scorrevoli

14 December 2020

2020, despite its complexity, is an important year for Terno Scorrevoli: it is the year in which the company has reached the great milestone of its 70 years. The company has organized a special event, full of emotions, to celebrate this birthday in a year that has indelibly marked the history of the whole world, to restart and face, once again, the future and its challenges, with creativity, passion and inspiration.

The event was held at the Officine del Volo, a splendid location in Milan chosen to remember and honor the company’s origins (when Terno Scorrevoli was Officine Terno). A great success appreciated by all participants, celebrated in a sincere and emotional atmosphere. Thanks to all present, all the organizers and all the staff, the evening was made perfect and Magic.


It’s a kind of Magic

Magic is the Leitmotiv that characterized the evening. Magic2 is the product that best represents the standards of design, minimalism and perfection that Terno Scorrevoli has always been inspired by. Magic2 is the innovative multi-patented invisible sliding system for wooden and glass external wall doors. Over 50 mm of damping motion, thanks to new patented dampers with adjustable positioning, designed to be independent from wall-spacer wheels. New position of wall-spacer wheels, in order to protect the door from wall contact. A new patented adjustment system. A practical anti-jumping system, equipped with two safety levers, easy to rotate. A silent lower guide, made in Zamak (reliable and versatile). New patented bottom wheels designed for a better sliding, with a larger diameter, bigger bearing and steel pivots.

Magic2 Frame, on the other hand, represents the perfect merger between Magic2 and the Universal frame, combining the innovative features of the Magic2 invisible system with the versatility and minimal design of the Universal frame, with its clean lines, reduced dimensions and maximum strength.


Terno Scorrevoli Magic2

Terno Scorrevoli Magic2 Frame 

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