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A new modular, sectional and customizable Home Spa project

25 June 2024

To experience home wellness ritual at all times


With almost 60 years of experience in the bathroom and wellness sector, Novellini expands its home wellness proposals and presents Celsius, a new modular project for saunas, hammams, showers and patios conceived as modular modules in the domestic and professional environment, according to different spatial needs. Celsius was born from the continuous development of Novellini’s wellness range, launched in 2021 with the first collection of Spa Divina hot tubes. This concept aims to merge modular architecture and daily domestic body care by addressing an increasingly aware, demanding clientele able to reap the benefits of wellness rituals. Dedication and research that always distinguish Novellini translate into innovative technological modular solutions with a modern design to obtain the ideal Home Spa. A sophisticated and avant-garde product with oriental lines born from the combination of Novellini’s experience and designer Marco Pellici’s creativity. Celsius offers versatility in combinations (more than 2,000 standard models available) that allow you to choose if to install a sauna and a hammam, depending on the available space. The different combinations that can be modulated and customized in every detail allow you to create the ideal thermal sequence for your Home Spa.

With a modern design and timeless beauty, it has deep attention to detail. In addition, the fusion of contemporary style and tradition makes the corner of domestic well-being elegant and refined. Each Novellini product is the result of a meticulous process that integrates the values of tradition with fine materials and cutting-edge technologies. The varieties of natural wood essences guarantee optimal performance in compliance with spa traditions. They are carefully selected and subjected to strict quality controls to offer a wide range of aesthetic options in Novellini saunas. From the enchanting Canadian Hemlock, with pink tones, which brings with its serenity and purity, to the sunnier and cooler Abachi that creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, also available in the heat-treated aromatic version with deep tones up to the Ayous, thanks to its low thermal conductivity, is used for accessories such as benches, platforms and accessories.

A meticulous woodworking process ensures ergonomics, resistance to thermal stress and an impeccable finish. At the same time, the integrated LED lighting and the use of aluminium reflect the focus on durability and modern aesthetics. Celsius’ home Wellness ritual involves all senses thanks to the Chromolight system that enhances the experience using light with chromotherapy and the Bluetooth module that allows to play music within Saunas and Hammam environments.

At Novellini, tradition smoothly combines with technology through some technological details that make Celsius the perfect mix of design and innovation.



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